Well, yes, I suppose so really

Second, whilst I continue to like Owen Smith as a person, he did not prove to be a better candidate than Jeremy. I think that in itself is telling for Labour.

Yes, it is telling, They’ve got no one better than Corbyn?


In other news a retired accountant from Wandsworth announced that he is willing to allow the newly re-elected Leader of the Opposition to work with him.

22 thoughts on “Well, yes, I suppose so really”

  1. Plenty of people better but no one who could stand because of the taint of Blair/Brownism, Iraq, voting for things the Trots don’t like etc. Owen Smith was the least worst option. Hardly matters, though, does it?

  2. I do detect some slithering movement by Murphy as he attempts to establish where the line of best advantage for him now lies in the quest for the ermine.

    A slug is never still.

  3. The great man has deluded himself on how appealing his waffle is to the parties.

    His link as ‘Corbyn’s economic guru’ has left him untouchable by the other parties.

    Corbyn (and most likely, McDonnell) don’t tolerate dissent – like Murphy. I’d imagine they don’t a risk of an advisor throwing his toys out of the pram if he doesn’t get what he wants. Bridges have been burnt.

  4. I don’t know about slugs, but the worm is already turning.

    He’s either deluded enough to believe his readers are so thick that none of them have the ability to recall anything he has written before, or holds them in such contempt that he doesn’t really give a shit what they think anyway, and relies on the fact that they will simply post support for whatever detritus he pumps out.

    Shameless cunts the lot of them, apart from of course the PSR chick who can’t be anything but a parody account.

  5. Oh, and just to capitalise on and emphasise the dead-cat bounce of the Fair Tax Mark when it was recently awarded to Crunchers accountants (making by my count 22 awards to date), Murphy posts another of his fvcking awful mind maps on the talk he gave on the FTM.

  6. @BraveFart

    It will be interesting to see the 2015 FTM accounts. They are available for £12 if you want to download them but the Murphatollah has promised they will be up on the FTM website some time soon whereon we can see them for free..

  7. This comment on TR by Mary C is hilarious, regardless of whether it’s sycophancy or spoof:

    As an activist and delegate, yesterday was truly a great and encouraging day.

    It is very clear that the leadership has been listening to constructive criticism, and will continue to do so.

    To have the brains behind Corbynomics against you is pretty wounding, or would have been had your criticisms not been so obviously well-intentioned, well thought through and so brave.

    A great conference – as can be seen from the shaken neo-liberal press – and the return (I hope!) of our foremost public thinker on economics.

  8. AndrewC

    Indeed it will be interesting to see the accounts, as will Murphy’s explanation why no corporation tax is being paid, as we know he often disregards losses in establishing taxable profit.


    That post by Mary C is a hoot! I imagine that having read it, Murphy is sat in a favourite armchair with a warm and wet patch spreading over his groin area

  9. BF: indeed, and he’ll still be post-orgasmically preening himself. And I loved the bit about “the shaken neo-liberal press”!

  10. So let me get this right:

    1. A complete nonentity, having spent an entire summer suckling up shamelessly to the latest pretender for the throne then, to his shock, doesn’t get the job he thought he was going to get at the court of the New King.
    2. Deeply infuriated that his claim to be important hasn’t been acknowledged, he sulks relatively quietly and them hears of a fresh challenge to the throne coming in the distance.
    3. So, convinced a new revolution is abouy to happen, he aligns himself to the challenger, in the process being unbelievably rude about the King and his Chief of Staff.
    4. Faced with the King’s crushing victory he announces his delight that the King has listened to him and learnt the lessons he was was trying to tell. And accordingly declares himself prepared to bury the hatchet.
    5. He is now about to be outraged when the King and his court simply do not notice.

    Have I got that about right?

  11. I loved the box on the right of that so-called mind-map (should he just call them brainfarts?) – “in particular on CBCR”

    The way that man’s brain works is just amazing.

  12. Owen Smith’s shtick was “I believe in exactly the same evil filth that killed 175 million people last century as Jeremy Corbyn, but my eyes do not revolve in different directions.” He’s a cunt, Corbyn’s a cunt, McDonnell is a cunt, and Milne is a giant thrush-ridden overstuffed doner kebab of a cunt.

  13. The sooner we invent full virtual reality and these fuckpigs can go off and rule imaginary worlds to their hearts desire, 247/365, the better.

    I’d love a peek inside Murphy’s insane alter-earth. I imagine him imagining himself being carried aloft on a litter by Nubians while grateful people strew his path with tax returns.

  14. Interested: I imagine him imagining himself being carried aloft on a litter by Nubians while grateful people strew his path with tax returns.

    Excellent. Perhaps some gold coinage and votive offerings bestrew his path and if elephants could follow his train caparisoned with the FTM emblem that would be nice too. I’m considering how we could introduce some virgins into the procession and possibly some eunuchs – or are those moderate labour MPs? – the crystal ball is clouding…

  15. Perhaps also DBC Retard knelt betwixt Murphy’s thighs, emerging every now and again for a breather and to wipe his chin.

  16. If I’m going to be imagining someone knelt betwixt somebody else’s thighs, it won’t be DBC Reid and Murphy. Firstly, because imagining time is at a premium so cannot afford to be wasted and secondly, because I don’t want to clean up the vomit.

  17. “Yes, it is telling, They’ve got no one better than Corbyn?”

    To be fair, that should be ‘they have no-one better than Corbyn who is also stupid enough to legitimise him by standing against him’.


    Ritchie _can’t_ be in it for the adulation. Surely it’s all about the money with him?

  18. Here’s a non-denial denial frm the master

    Harry Pollitt says:
    Now that Sharmi Chakraborty has agreed to a working peerage to help make Jeremy’s radicalism credible to the nation, would you be prepared to engage with Jeremy’s team in a similar way? ie as a working peer if such an arrangement were offered.

    Richard Murphy says:
    I can’t imagine such an arrangement being offered

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