Well, yes, it works

That’s one way to stop traffic! Road safety campaign sees topless women carrying speed limit signs at accident hotspots in Russia
Scheme involves near naked women parading at accident blackspots
Experiment in Severny village showed the idea significantly slowed traffic
Idea has been revived as part of debate on how to reduce road deaths

The thing is, we know it works. Because, you know, men like titties:

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, it works”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The only complaint comes from an old woman, well there’s a surprise.

    The penguins at the end are rather amusing.

  2. No-one recall the Dave Allen sketch that should serve as a warning for things like this ?
    Couple are trying to hitch a lift, but having no luck. So bloke hides behind bush, while “attractive woman” shows a bit of leg. First car comes along, can’t believe his eyes, and runs off the road and through the bush behind which the woman’s bloke is hiding.
    So who’s done the stats on how many accidents are actually caused by the blokes “failing to keep their attention on the road” ?

  3. But… if they leap out and bounce up and down whilst gesturing wildly *when you break the speed limit*, what’s the imperative to not speed? Or is the optimimum speed now 5mph over the limit? So you get the jiggling toplessness and sufficient time to enjoy it?

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