Well, yes, obviously

Girls’ quality of life shows huge variation in England and Wales

What does anyone expect? Some of them are living in Wales for God’s sake…..

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  1. I wonder if someone were to do the analysis, what the distribution of Labour and Tory councils and safe seats would be among the best and worst offenders.

  2. This is mostly the same generic “north is poor, south is rich” story.

    childhood poverty levels, life expectancy, teenage conception rates, GCSE results and percentage of those aged under 18 not in employment, education or training

    Only one of those is female-specific. Calling it “girl fails” is just click-bait.

  3. “Plan International UK”

    Sorry, but aren’t their ads all little brown babies covered in flies?

    (checks website)

    “Our new report shows that despite being one of the most developed countries on earth, too many girls in the UK don’t enjoy their rights.”

    Sorry, but they have rights. A bloody load of them. AND… AAAAANNNDDDD a whole load of entitlements. Free contraception is an entitlement. Unemployment benefit is an entitlement. Education is an entitlement. Good entitlements. But they aren’t rights.

    The problem with places like Middlesborough and mid-Wales is the people that stay. It’s not that people from there are bad. It’s that the good ones get out. It’s why mid-Wales is depopulating.

  4. @ BiW
    Even the ones who stay in Middlesbrough can spell it. A lot of the ones who stayed were working in the steel and engineering industries and are stuck because they can’t sell their house and there are no jobs for them anywhere else (NB if you take an unskilled job you get thrown out of the AEU division of Amicus). I left (Stockton, but the employment prospects were the same) when I left college when Wilson was PM because, with two degrees, the nearest job I could apply for was in Harrogate (didn’t get it so I was left with a choice of jobs down south as an actuarial trainee; the lad next-door was a steel erector – how many jobs for steel erectors do you have in Wiltshire?

  5. BiW, “It’s why mid-Wales is depopulating.”

    From his Wikipedia page: “Monbiot lived in Oxford for many years, but in 2007 moved with his then-wife, writer and campaigner Angharad Penrhyn Jones, and daughter to a low emissions house in the mid-Wales market town of Machynlleth.” Apparently, he’s since depopulated himself from Wales, but I’m sure his time there wasn’t without effect.

  6. The map in the article shows Powys (mid-Wales) as being in the top 50 local authorities, similar to the home counties. I doubt it’s the Monbiot effect.

  7. @ I sneeze in threes
    I do know that and that it’s probably why BiW made the mistake, but I strongly resent the soft southerners talking in a contemptuous fashion of hardworking northerners as if they were parasites like the idlers in their home towns.
    “He’ll neither work nor want” was spoken in a tone of voice that poured, not just dripped, contempt up north. It seems to be a mantra of the Guardianistas in London.
    I probably seem (and may be slightly) obsessive about this.

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