Incredible drone footage shows the Church of Scientology’s secretive ‘Gold Base’ HQ – complete with a special gym, suite and full-sized theater just for Tom Cruise

Wouldn’t he fit into a half sized one?

10 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. .

    When I saw that while idly browzing the Mail this morning I honestly read it as ‘fun-sized’.

    That’s what happens, if you browze the Mail..:)

  2. If Tom Cruise wants a full sized theater then why not?

    He is only here once and he will spend the big bucks he earns as he chooses

  3. How can the drone tell it is just for Tom Cruise? It has “Cruise Only Zone” written on the roof?

    Maybe the door is only 4′ high

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Near the apartment buildings is a special gym that was built for Miscavige and his guy pal, Tom Cruise.

    Naughty missus.

  5. IMDb has him at 5′ 7″ which is a bit below average for Hollywood but hardly the pocket-sized homunculus that everyone seems to think. That’s the same height as Robert Downey Jr. and taller than Jack Black.

    Apparently film crew who’ve worked with him say he’s an absolute joy. And Scientology’s no more batty than other religions, which is to say they’re all madder than a big bag full of mad things. Believing in aliens living in volcanoes vs. believing a bloke flew to heaven on a horse with a woman’s face: there’s not much to choose.

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