All about money, innit?

Poor and vulnerable Haiti remained essentially cut in half two days after Matthew hit, with routes to the devastated south blocked by flooding. Senator Herve Fourcand said that a preliminary figure counted more than 300 dead while Reuters reports that the civil protection saying that 339 people were killed. Haiti government government so far has said that 122 people were killed.

At least four people – three of them children – were killed in Haiti’s neighbour the Dominican Republic and more than 36,500 were evacuated, with 3,000 homes destroyed, flooded or damaged.

The wealthier Bahamas, which had more time to prepare, was less badly hit and there were no reports of fatalities, but there were power outages, some roads were cut and there was property damage.

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  1. Indee, and while I am sure there are plenty of individual tragic cases in bot Jamaica and Haiti, my sympathy is limited by the fact that the population after however many decades of independence in each country hasn’t got their act together, and this will mainly come down to how individuals treat each other on aggregate. If they stopped fucking each other over and started cooperating for a while, they’d be shrugging this off like those in Florida are.

  2. There was a conversation I had with a girl from the DR shortly after the Hispaniola earthquake, might supply some guidance. I politely but unwisely inquired how things were back home & whether the event had affected her family. The response was total indifference. Roughly translated as “How should I know? I’m Dominican. Nothing to do with us. They’re all animals in that place.”
    Bit difficult to put it down to racism. She was mulata with a large African component. In London, the usual suspects would claim her as “black”.

  3. JuliaM has it right – poverty is inversely correlated with such qualities as trust and good governance. Alas, the political ‘elites’ in all nations are prone to self-serving excesses.

    Public Choice remains an intractable problem, as Kenneth Arrow demonstrated.

  4. Of course because the wealthy live in houses that won’t blow down. That big one that smashed the Philippines the other year… it went right over Malapascua island where I know a lot of people, both locals and foreigners. Even though they got directly hit, like at one point in the eye of the storm, no one died or was even badly injured because they could shelter in the well built hotels while their homes were totally destroyed.

    The stories of aid being sent there were interesting. Apparently all the aid arrived in the south of the small island where it was quickly grabbed by those locals living nearby who then sold it on to those in the north. Some people actually don’t deserve help.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Culture determines if a society is wealthy or not. Wealth is highly correlated with race. Societies that are African when they are not southern European *and* non-White – like Haiti – are f**ked six ways to Sunday. There is no help for them. The Dominican Republic is a lot whiter but still Latin. So they are moderately screwed. The Bahamas are very Black but Anglo-phone. And Whites still hold many of the important jobs. Hence they do not do too badly.

    We saw this in the US. When a hurricane hits New York, the White population cooks each other dinner and shares supplies. When a hurricane hits New Orleans, there is an epidemic of rape and murder – to the point Whites have to be specially evacuated.

  6. All of these terrible comments about blacks, while they may be true, are clear evidence that we need to import ever more poor, unintelligent and violent blacks, because living with us will fix their genetics and habits. Likewise with Syrians.


  7. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Aye, but why do cultures differ?”

    That is the 64 million dollar question. It hardly matters. We cannot change culture except to make things worse. The welfare state – designed for Northern Europeans with well developed senses of guilt – only make people from the other side of the Hajnal line worse.

  8. Bloke in Germany in Colorado

    I knew SMFS would have a pseudo explanation on why one black Country got off unscathed. Obviously because there the white man successfully carried his burden!

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany in Colorado – “Obviously because there the white man successfully carried his burden!”

    Obviously. Given the local economy is precisely a group of White people successfully carrying the burden why would anyone think anything else? That and the worst of the storm missing them.

  10. I recall from 50+ years ago Deux Metres proclaiming, “There is but one culture: the French culture!”

    We lost the culture war a generation ago when the Left determined that any nefarious behavior is “a culture,” and “all cultures must be valued*.”

    *Except our own.

  11. The contrast with the Dominican Republic is rather more interesting than the Bahamas, given that they share the same small island. What’s up with that?

  12. JerryC – the spending on the buildings and infrastructure, how people are housed, where they are housed, planning, spending, even such things as what trees are vulnerable to uprooting.

    High winds and debris cause problems. Live in a shanty town in high winds and yours and your neighbours homes become flying high speed shrapnel and high mass bludgeons.
    Haiti tends to get the poor end of the stick in any disaster. Because they do not work on what the disasters will be.

  13. Wasn’t white mans burden meant to be a warning the the US about the obligations of empire builders to support their empire at a time when they were looking at the Philippines

  14. dearieme – “Aye, but why do cultures differ?”

    As SMFS says, that is the $64m question. I wracked my brains on this in Nigeria to now avail. And when I’ve tried to look it up all I get is the expected “It’s all because of slavery/colonialism”.

  15. Tim – that excuse worked the year after independence. Decades later its like the left blaming Thatcher for the troubles of today. May as well blame Churchill or Gladstone.
    Politicians looting the country, corruption, ‘Charities’ wasting money etc.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Another example of a quick shufti at Google Earth being very instructive. Hispaniola is one of the few example of where you can see a land border from space. The two halves of the island are literally a different colour. Repeated plagues of locusts couldn’t have done a better job of stripping the vegetation. Another example is the Israeli border, and the cause is pretty much the same: zero human capital and aid dependency.

  17. Apparently all the aid arrived in the south of the small island where it was quickly grabbed by those locals living nearby who then sold it on to those in the north. Some people actually don’t deserve help.

    Of course these people don’t deserve help. They are helping themselves. The aid is for the people who aren’t doing ethnically questionable things to survive.

  18. Where do all these IQ scores come from? On some IQ scales those with an IQ of 67 cannot dress themselves.

  19. So Much For Subtlety

    john77 – “On some IQ scales those with an IQ of 67 cannot dress themselves.”

    I think that a lot of IQ test results can be explained by motivation. I don’t suppose a lot of Haitian peasants are entirely taken up with the idea of taking time off work to do a complicated test because some White guy from Princeton asks him to.

    But what can people of majority-African background do for themselves beyond agriculture involving a sharp pointed stick? This is an outrageously racist sounding question but it is not meant to be.

  20. BiCR,

    I love having access to satellite maps for just that reason. Hate Israel all you want but it’s impossible to say the land isn’t fruitful under their care. When it comes to food production green trumps brown when viewed from space.


    Valid point about IQ test taking motivation.

    The question isn’t what can black people do but how they need to modify their social structure so they can actually do it?

  21. BiCR
    So I’m not the only person to notice this? It is quite remarkable, isn’t it? In any other situation, you’d presume the frontier was defined by some distinct geographical feature. But it seems pretty obvious the land either side of the border is virtually identical. It’s the frontier produces the geographical feature.

  22. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “It’s the frontier produces the geographical feature.”

    The old Soviet border was visible from space because the Soviets kept everyone twenty kilometres back from the border. No goats. Hence more trees.

    In Israel’s case, they have been stealing more than their share of water from the Jordan since the 1950s. They have attacked other countries to guarantee that water. There are other reasons for greenery.

  23. @ SMFS
    I think that you are right on the motivation point, which probably explains a lot of it. I was also thinking that we don’t know what the numbers mean if we don’t know what scale is being used. [anecdata: #1 son got tested on the Wechsler scale a few decades after I took the Mensa test and was given a lower numerical score than I – but that meant there were more than twenty times as many people with higher IQs than I than there were relative to him]. So knowing the scale is vital to understanding the IQ score *if they are trying*. If they aren’t, then you’ve nailed it.

  24. SMFS,

    Do you know how much of the stolen water is used on wooded hillsides? Those are what really stands out to me. If these forests are not being irrigated that the stolen water is providing spillover benefits. Perhaps even to the extent that the local water table has risen significantly.

  25. Bloke in Costa Rica

    When has Israel attacked anyone except in response to being attacked? If they’re better at abstracting water for irrigation than their neighbours then that just reinforces my point.

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