Anyone fancy a free holiday in Romania?

Invitation to PES Activists Romania Seminar

As you might know our Romanian political family is celebrating its general elections on next December. The PES is gladly inviting you to a week seminar on campaign strategies and regional politics in Romania. The PES will be glad to cover the travel expenses for around ten people. The Romanian activists will cover the accommodation of the participants and some of the meals.

The campaign tour will take place between the 14th and 20th of November 2016 and will consist in a bus tour all over the country to exchange with PSD candidates. This will be a unique opportunity for learning and collaborating with our Romanian comrades.

The participants will also support the PES activists Romania campaign for the reduction of the age threshold enabling young to lead their country.

During this tour we will be joined by the PES activists Romania National Coordinator, MEP Victor Negrescu, Vice-president of PSD Romania.
The selection of the delegation will take into account gender and regional balance.

They don’t say that you must be a socialist to take part.

But you will obviously have to be happy to associate with socialists…..

28 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a free holiday in Romania?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Are the ten guests required to be buxom young women with a predilection for low cut dresses and hanging out on balconies with billowing lace curtains?

  2. It’ll do them good to see some real poverty for a change, rather than the nonsense that passes for “poverty” in this country.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Poverty? That is not what they need to see. Take them to see the place where the Ceaușescus were executed.

    Tell them to think about it.

  4. I went to a meeting in Romania once and four things were obvious.

    Firstly, everyone agreed with me.

    Secondly, everyone was grateful that I was there,

    Thirdly, everyone was amazed at how clever I am

    Fourthly everyone loves listening to a list of my pronouncements

  5. Andrew C,
    You are Richard Murphy and I claim my £5.

    You’re right: they’d wax lyrical about the poverty, how it creates such a strong sense of community, how people literally huddled together for warmth when the heating failed yet again. Just don’t mention the Roma.

  6. The Romanian activists will cover the accommodation of the participants and some of the meals.

    Romanian cuisine prepared and served by a pack of Socialists.

    Think about that for a second…

  7. Andrew C

    Candidly you are wrong

    I have the number one economics blog in the UK

    I have appeared before the European Parliament and house of Commons Select Committee

    Yet you choose to ignore that

    That is your last contribution here

  8. Tim

    Slim pickings on TRUK today but his frustration with being rejected by the Labour party boils over on his second post – may be a gem in the rough there for you….

  9. I’ve sampled Romanian cuisine – a chunk of unidentifiable meat, overcooked to the point of incineration, potato and………errrrrm no thats it. Enjoy!!

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Charlie Suet – “Not wildly different from the US. Or is this another leftie attempt to extend the franchise to children?”

    In fairness they need the children to vote. After all, every Romanian adult seems to be in the UK and either sleeping with odd Liberal Democrat politicians like Lembik or they are renting out their ar$eholes to even odder Labour politicians like Keith Vaz.

    If the children couldn’t vote, who would be left?

  11. VP:

    For staggering complacency and lack of awareness, I liked this:

    I admit to overdosing on news. I absorb it through multiple mediums. I like differing perspectives on it. I want to understand.
    One of the advantages of this approach is that it helps filter out bias.

    The Murphatollah doesn’t like “differing perspectives”, if the perspectives are different to his own. And the claim that he attempts to “filter out bias” is hilarious when he so often reads confirmation of his own prejudices into news items. As for wanting to “understand”…bwahahaha…

  12. The Muphatolla is in fine form today. On the same blog:

    “Richard Murphy says:
    October 19 2016 at 7:25 am

    Increasing supply is the only way to reduce house prices”


    “Richard Murphy says:
    October 19 2016 at 11:50 am …

    It’s a mistake to think in just one way”

  13. Hot young Romanian socialists? I’ve got a sort of Marxian beard and hairdo going on right now, can fake some of the ‘dialectic’. Maybe I could make this work for me.

  14. Andrew C, that’s nothing; there were four and a half hours between those contradictory posts. We’ve had direct contradictions from Murphy within minutes.

    Perhaps we could have a competition to find the shortest time between his contradictions?

  15. Hot young Romanian socialists? I’ve got a sort of Marxian beard and hairdo going on right now, can fake some of the ‘dialectic’. Maybe I could make this work for me.

    You and half the room will probably be trying the same ploy. Guys have been faking political commitment to get into socialist girls’ panties since before Karl stiffened in his grave.

  16. Andrew C/ Theo

    I did enjoy the agreement between him and one of the ‘Gang of four’ Carol Wilcox, who with her ‘usual’ ‘good grace and humour’ (to quote DBC Reed) argued the merits of an LVT to which he was opposed. Once he is in power will she be subject to a show trial or welcomed back into the fold?

  17. I once went vegan to get with a stunning young waif. She was one of the few that maintains basic personal hygiene and removes body hair. Admittedly my veganism was in bursts of a few hours with steak, bacon and kebabs in between, but it’s the principle that’s important.

    Totally worth it, too.

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    You would think that after the whole Ceaușescu thing Romanians would have soured a bit on socialism, but eradicating it seems to be like getting rid of kudzu (although a flamethrower is quite efficacious in both cases).

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