Black footy bags banned in India

Pelham would be proud:


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS members will have to bring out their new full pants for rallies that they plan in Tamil Nadu in October to celebrate Vijayadashmi, with the state’s high court saying they cannot march in the half pants that they have worn for nine decades.

The RSS, which does not have as big a presence in Tamil Nadu as it does in other southern states, will have about 200 to 300 workers marching in each of the 14 processions it plans across the state. In Kanyakumari and Coimbatore they expect an assembly of around two thousand members. The police had disallowed the processions saying it feared law and order problems, but the court said on Monday that the RSS can hold its event as long as it gets out the full pants.

The Chennai City Police Act, authorities say, bans processions in outfits that resemble the uniforms of the armed forces or the police. The white shirts and knee length khaki shorts that has been the RSS uniform for years, is very similar to the state police’s physical training gear.

4 thoughts on “Black footy bags banned in India”

  1. So, while googling to find out what the Pelham reference was all about, I came across the following utterly unrelated sentence concerning the political career of Henry Pelham in the ever-infallible Wikipedia : “By restricting supply the consumption dropped and price fell helping to manage the problem.[2]”. Que? Unfortunately, the reference was to a physical book. I need a G&T.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Bob, to cut a long story short, the reference is to PG Wodehouse.

    If you have not read him, you have a serious treat coming.

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