But why no age checks?

Nicky Morgan tells us all that there should be no age checks on refugee children:

The last thing these children need at this traumatic time – where they’ve just left a camp in which they all fear violence, sexual abuse and exploitation – is an intrusive, inaccurate and unnecessary medical examination to determine their age.

You don’t have to take that just from me. In times like these, where there is disagreement, I turn to the experts.

The British Dental Association has made clear this week that the proposed examinations are “not only an inaccurate method for assessing age but both inappropriate and unethical”.

It is reassuring to see the Home Office confirm that these sorts of checks will not be carried out, but they could be doing more to challenge false information and to calm any doubts about just how thorough existing checks are.

But, err, what is the reason this is all unnecessary? You’ve not actually said why. You’ve asserted that they are, but not explained.

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  1. Unnecessary because they already know full well that a majority will be found to be adult, as those who have arrived previously have been found to be, and also in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway etc etc

  2. Well, in her mind the objective of all this activity is obvious- getting the migrants in. That’s not up for debate, and naturally all right-thinking people will agree with her.

    This age check business is just the mechanical detail.

    Never let it be said she’s unreasonable, though, she’s prepared to explain why the mechanics of the migration process are the way they are.

    So (should you not agree with her) you will be able to see how right she is.

    And adjust your views accordingly.

  3. There’s a letter in today’s ‘Metro’ from someone claiming to be a worker in this field, lambasting the Home Office for failing genuine child refugees, and noting that this sort of obfuscation of ages is utterly rife in the Calais camp.


  4. It’s also interesting to note that the people who rail against our ‘lack of generosity of spirit’ in taking in child refugees are all, to a man or woman, utterly unaffected by the consequences of unfettered immigration.

  5. “where they’ve just left a camp in which they all fear violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.

    Must be those bloody Frenchies sneaking into the camp to do unspeakable things to migrant children.

  6. Also, if they all have ‘a right’ to come in because they have family here, why are councils being asked for foster home places for them?

  7. Julia, have they been asked for foster homes? I was wondering about that. Will any of these children go to children’s homes or foster families, will they be going to school or will they immediately be set up with a flat in a London ghetto?

    If they go to foster families, will the social workers be sending them to families with young children or will they quietly avoid that without saying why. In any case, I can’t see many foster families taking them in unless they are in the “he raped me but I didn’t report it because I didn’t want to give migrants a bad name” category of cuckold.

  8. The British Dental Association has made clear this week that the proposed examinations are “not only an inaccurate method for assessing age but both inappropriate and unethical”.

    Of course, dentists’ jobs aren’t going to be threatened by an influx of uneducated third-worlders, and nor are their expensive, leafy neighbourhoods.

    And why do they think the examinations are unethical? Either they think an immigrant’s age should be immaterial – fine, then come out and say so – or they think age matters in which case how is a test to determine age unethical?

  9. TN
    Isn’t the unethical bit to do with the need to x-ray the teeth to help determine age, and dentists are strongly against non medical need type x-rays, given the very small but demonstrable risk of cancer with such x-rays?

  10. Julia, brilliant, it switches from children to young people, to families and back again.

    “Councillors were unanimous …” Congratulations councillor, here is your own personal quota of children to house. What, you weren’t expecting to take any in yourself?

  11. The issue is how to stop these 18-39 yob turds from arriving.

    The fact that we don’t want them the vast majority already know.

    Each stunt by the CM scum at the top boosts the head of steam but that is useless without a means to intervene.

    A grand index of migrant-treason enablers would be a start.

    If all of the majority in this country against migrant invasion and takeover wrote as much as one letter a week that would leave the polit scum in no doubt as to their fate. Esp if every letter had the phrase “treason trial” in its text.

  12. @ Jimmers, I would have thought it was because a test where there was a total imbalance between the likelihood of false positives and false negatives was an unfair way to conduct proceedings. i.e., young people could have old teeth but old people can’t have young teeth.

    In any case it seems like a shit method, I’m more inclined to just say if you look like a child you get in, if you don’t, you don’t, tough. After all, this is how the BBC illustrated the issue, this is what we were expecting

  13. If the BDA had stopped at “inaccurate”, I’d have bought it. That seals it if true and “unethical” is unneccessary. That they add that makes it suspicious.

    Thing is, if you Google this stuff, you find an article from the British Dental Journal


    which suggests accuracy to within 1.65 years. Unethical? Taking an x-ray or two?

    FFS at what point are we going to get people in charge who take this shit seriously? I’m getting so much stuff on Facebook and Twitter where people are joking about the age of these “kids”. You’ve just wrecked the confidence that people were getting that post-Brexit, maybe someone would stop treating the people of this country like chumps.

    Who here was expecting fresh faced cherubs, like the passengers on the Kindertransport, and who was expecting the contestants from Syria’s Got Talent? Fuck’s sake. Dental check them. If they don’t like it, they can stay where they are. I’m pretty sure that if I was running away from a warzone, I’d consider it a pretty small inconvenience.

  14. “I’m pretty sure that if I was running away from a warzone, I’d consider it a pretty small inconvenience.”


    It’s pretty obvious that the ones who complain and object to the treatment they get from the UK can’t have been fleeing anything too scary.

  15. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    “where they’ve just left a camp in which they all fear violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.”

    Must be those bloody Frenchies sneaking into the camp to do unspeakable things to migrant children.

    Oh but we can avoid letting in the rapists by only letting in the children who have family in the UK!

    Proceed to let in a group of adult men. Don’t ask questions when no family show up to house them.

  16. I think the answer is to send these children to private schools, preferably mixed ones. Expensive I know, but they’d be able to catch up with their education and mix with the children of the influential.

  17. Cynic, it won’t be the kidults themselves complaining about their treatment, it’ll be the legions of SJWs, virtuesignallers and open borders-enablers doing it on their behalf!

  18. And anyway, as someone pointed out on the 45678923rd article on ‘CiF’ on this subject, aren’t they already having medical checks anyway, before admittance to the UK?

    So what’s another few minutes of checks tacked on?

  19. I don’t know about dental checks, but this has been a fantastic method of determining mental illness. Look at the photos and swear blind they are children – yep, fucking bonkers.

    It’s one of those increasingly common moments of unreality in modern life. The Government, much of the media and the legions of the Undead on Twitter screaming in unison that they are children, versus the actual evidence before your eyes. We are governed by contemptuous liars.

  20. I’d agree that dental checks can’t reliably distinguish those who are 19 from those who are 17. But they can clearly identify those who are really 29.

  21. @JuliaM

    Afraid not, it ain’t just the SJWs.

    Google “asylum seeker sues” and see all the results come back.

  22. I’ve got a comment that’s been awaiting moderation for hours I think because it has too many links, the jist of it is, follow this link


    Click on any of the dozens and dozens of photos of small children and follow it through to a news article for any of dozens of sources and every single one talks about unaccompanied and lone children. That is why we all had a picture of small children in need of help in our minds, because that is the picture that was literally put in to our minds through months of conditioning by the media. The BBC and the Guardian while the worst culprits were not acting alone.

  23. @Bloke in Costa Rica, October 21, 2016 at 6:22 pm
    Nicky Morgan needs deselecting next election, along with all the other Tory ultramontanists.

    +1 +10 +100 + …….


  24. The British Dental Association (BDA) is the Dentists’ trade union as the BMA is for Doctors.

    Nicky Morgan is a Conservative MP and should not be supporting the BDA; especially when Mr Hunt is having problems with a Corbynista radicalised BMA.

    Some Conservative MPs say Nicky Morgan doesn’t speak when George Osborne is drinking a glass of water.

  25. When my chinee nephews came to visit they jumped at the offer of a free visit to the dentist. Prod&polish, one tiny filling, all on my tax-pound.

  26. Anyway, in Islam you’re an adult at 14 anyway, just like Judaism and ancient Rome & Greece. We should be respecting their cultures, innit, just like international conventions tell us to. Over 14? No admittance.

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