Couldn’t this be interesting?

‘Britain’s biggest divorce’: Sir Shifty’s multi-millionaire best friend Richard Caring, 68, ‘faces £350m bill after walking out on his wife, 67, to move into £32m mansion with Brazilian lover half her age’
Richard Caring, 68, has allegedly split from his wife of 45 years, Jacqui
Restaurateur and fashion mogul said to have moved in with new partner
Reportedly dumped wife for 35-year-old Brazilian with whom he has son
Jacqui, 67, could be in line for £350m in one of Britain’s richest divorces
Mogul Mr Caring owns several exclusive London eateries including The Ivy and is best friends with Topshop and former BHS owner Sir Philip Green

There is a rumour, entirely unfounded we’re all absolutely certain, that not all of those restaurants and the like were entirely and wholly financed directly. Some nonsensical tale about non-dom status making it convenient for someone domiciled to be the underlying investor, can’t quite understand the whole allegation myself.

A contested divorce would of course put all such stories to rest, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Bloke 67 with £700 million could afford to give away half of it to his missus and still be left with £350 million.
    If he spends £10 million per year living the high life he will be long dead before he has spent it all.
    He should just give her the money and walk away. No doubt he will waste the next two years and several millions in a bitter and ultimately fruitless divorce battle, two years that could have been spent enjoying the fruits of his labour and rogering his new floozy senseless.

  2. Bob Monkhouse joke, c. 1989:

    “All this wining and dining and wooing is completely out of date. What a young man has to do these days is go out into the street, find a woman he doesn’t like and give her his house.”

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    If there is something unusual about the financing there will be no contested divorce. If the risks of exposure are high, he will have to take the hit and give his wife whatever she wants. In the end it will only be money. At 67 she is not going to get custody of the children.

  4. Haven’t you rather provided your own reason why not, there Mr Rocket. A few million he doesn’t need gives him two or three years entertainment as the old bag scrambles for his dosh. If he’s going to lose the money anyway, he might as well get some pleasure out of it.

  5. His missus is an ex-model, picked up off the catwalk. She binned her job a few days afterwards.

    She’s now been thrown over for a younger model (in both senses of the word).


  6. So Much For Subtlety

    John Square – “She’s now been thrown over for a younger model (in both senses of the word).”

    She’s 67. Can’t say she hasn’t had a good run. The question is why the divorce? Why now? She must have known given her husband has already had a son with the younger hotter foreign girl.

  7. The question is why the divorce?

    Could be bitterness: if the divorce proceedings are reduced to who owns the CD collection (using our host’s recent example) then we’ll know for sure. As Chateau Heartiste is fond of pointing out, few things hit women harder than the realisation they are not as hot (and all that comes with being hot) as they used to be. For some, this realisation comes later than others.

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    Henry – God, no. I can’t stand Nandos.

    Nah. The Little Chef on the A9 in Perthshire is probably the best one – it’s run by sweet old Scottish women who remind you of school dinner ladies in that unassuming way they’re always happy to feed you.

    A nice big plate of Full English with a side of buttered toast and a hot cup of tea – that’s the ticket!

    None of that ghastly foreign muck. I didn’t vote for Brexit to eat leprosy-flavoured Portugee chicken.

  9. @TIS Good man. You’re resisting the cultural appropriation of eating other cultures cooking, and sticking to your indigenous diet. You obviously prefer a round of golf, invented in Scotland, to an afternoon salsaing too no doubt.

  10. And they wonder why men are increasingly wanting nothing to do with women apart from the occasional shag……………which is now freely available without having to buy any rings at all……..

    Feminism – screwing women over since 1960.

  11. If that is a link it has gone down. We do know that Mr C got a piece of the Debenhams sale and lease back action from Sir Phil who of course at the time was a resident of Monaco. Sir Phil subsequently moved back to the UK as a resident which means of course that he would be liable to UK tax on any offshore business. How fortunate then that his mate and former bagman Richard suddenly came across a large amount of money to put together a collection of clubs and restaurants and tell Sir Phil to treat them as if they were his own. Which he does.Especially useful as Richard, being part Indian I believe has non Dom status so is not liable to tax on offshore business.Could be rather interesting if Mrs C has to explain to Phil that actually he can’t go to Annabells. Actually I suspect that Richard will explain that actually he borrowed all the money from a “group of Middle East and Russian businessmen ” and that there are no net assets to be divided. Sir Phil will come to his dear friend’s aide by buying them out and then move back to Monaco. Meanwhile any update on the Times story about one Candy brother wanting to live in London and apparently earning nothing as his bit of the business makes a loss while the other one who lives in Monaco feels sorry for him and gives him a gift of several hundred million? Almost as if they were actually partners in fact.

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