Didn’t Bea Campbell already write this article?

Nestling in a special box, it hasn’t been further than an arm’s length away since the Queen pinned it on my silk dress at Buckingham Palace 72 hours ago.
Am I a hypocrite for accepting a CBE after all my words of criticism about the Royal Family?
Certainly, I was astonished to receive a letter earlier this year telling me I had been nominated for one in the Queen’s birthday honours list.
Who could have put my name forward? I don’t exactly have cosy friends in power. I’m not pally with politicians or top Tories and I’ve always considered myself an anti-Establishment outsider.

Janet Street Porter has been the establishment for decades now….

11 thoughts on “Didn’t Bea Campbell already write this article?”

  1. “I don’t exactly have cosy friends in power. I’m not pally with politicians… and I’ve always considered myself an anti-Establishment outsider.”

    Lie; lie; delusion.

  2. Are TPTB fed up of all this gong stuff, so are trying to utterly devalue it so that it dies off when Joe Public loses interest?

    Or is this another test of how much piss they can take, like the “children”?

  3. She has always been a bit weird though. Perhaps slightly autistic? It’s strange how our definition of “establishment” has shifted over the years.

  4. She was being lampooned by NTNOCN in that stout sketch over thirty years ago now. So yes she is establishment.

  5. She’s taken in by her own perceived “edginess” which owes a great deal to her bizarre diction and ugly voice. In the accompanying pic she looks like something between a psychedelic zebra crossing and a gargantuan liquorice allsort.

  6. A relative of mine sacked JSP’s sister. She was head of student welfare at a uni where they worked, and she went home “because it was 5pm” when a student died at 4:30 in the uni’s swimming pool.

  7. ” I’ve always considered myself an anti-Establishment outsider”

    At least half the establishment consider themselves to be anti-establishment outsiders.

    Including a lot of people who work for the bbc (the very heart of the establishment) many Graun writers (ditto) and even Nicola Sturgeon ffs.

  8. I began putting someone forward once. He was a nice guy, retired, But unlike his partner who basically lived in west end theatres and eateries he did a lot of volunteering and i thought well good on you. So filling out the form i realised that nearly all the information i had about it came from him directly or indirectly. When i looked it up he was no longer the head of the organisation he said he was. When i brought it up he spewed so much bile about the others in the organisation that didn’t share his vision,, i kind of changed my mind about him and concluded that he was on a power trip and perhaps attendig the Donmar each week was more innocuous.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    That description will live with me for a long time and bring a smile to my face whenever I see her. Much better than my usual grumpy and unprintable response.

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