Economics sure is hard

And the honest answer is also much the same: by running the economy for the benefit of a few; by imposing austerity in an attempt to shrink government and by killing demand in the process;

How big’s the deficit? This is austerity killing demand? In what might be the best performing economy in Europe?

9 thoughts on “Economics sure is hard”

  1. It’s rather hard for austerity to have killed demand if there hasn’t actually been any austerity.

    At best one could say “lying about having austerity” has killed demand, although as you state Timmy, demand hasn’t been killed either.

    Is Ritchie going for a Pollyana attempt at getting multiple things wrong in the same sentence? Although I believe her record is 5 errors, which will take some beating.

  2. This guy’s arrogance is really something to behold:

    ‘Welcome to the lull before whatever it is that’s going to happen. Just hope there might be some wisdom left somewhere that directs that happening in a socially useful way’

    The idiotic first sentence strikes me as straight out of the Facebook remainiac posts that litter my timeline – a trite statement coming from a 19 year old resident of one of our Third rate ‘Higher education’ institutions, such as City University – embarrassing for someone close to 60.

    The second sentence seems to suggest that Murphy (or those of a similar ilk) are the sole arbiters of what is ‘Socially useful’ – I would think it would be hard to find anyone more ignorant or less qualified than him to act as arbiter of social utility.

  3. VP

    Perhaps the clue to the arrogance lies in the broken dreams of his life. No disrespect to the other residents of this street, but this is not the typical lifestyle one would expect of a self-suggested successful businessman, “senior partner” of an accounting firm and professor at a London uni, is it?;jsessionid=721367B572B2641CB80B92A00D8FD1F1?prop=53116978&sale=32335335&country=England

  4. we put the Ack Ack batteries where we thought the Germans might send their bomber aircraft

    But that amounts to the same thing – the Germans bombed (or, at least, aimed for) where they thought they would do most damage – i.e. where the valuable bits of the country were.

  5. @ Demetrius and Chris Miller
    It isn’t *quite* as simple as that. Actually we put the ack-ack batteries where we expected the Germans to cross the coast on the way to where the Germans thought the most valuable bits of the *war effort* that were *within the range of German bombers* were situated.
    ICI, and others, built “shadow factories” in places out of the reach of the Luftwaffe.

  6. Look at where the jet engine facility is outside Caerphilly, original site had the practicality of being hard to bomb, or even find in a blackout I would imagine

  7. From what I read the bomb disposal people found the local population rather hostile to them in Wales in WW2.
    So bombs must have fund the welsh.

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