A former coastguard station (left, inset) in Dover that once housed a radar system key to the 1940 Battle of Britain has been put on the market as a family home for £3.5million. Current owners Sandy and Mary Wallace say new buyer will be ‘inheriting the best view in Britain’, with France visible from the bedroom

Wouldn’t the best view in Britain not include a view of France?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t find views out to see at inspiring, much prefer them the other way round.

    I never tire of sailing along the coast from Weymouth to Studland.

  2. Immediately next to the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey, just a few yards from the porch, is a small dwelling – not sure if it is still occupied, but it doesn’t look it – with a little upstairs window on the side that looks right down the line of the nave, through the crossing, and on to the altar and apse. If that ever came up for sale, the view would be worth far more than the house itself.

  3. It’s in a good location to light a beacon when they see the flotilla of asylum seekers (or economic migrants if you don’t work for the BBC) approach.

    BTW Ten O’Clock News last night were whinging about children still being in the Jungle camp. My wife was screaming at the TV “then show us them”, only fit young men being on display. If even she can see through the lies it’s evidence of a huge well of anger building up in this country.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    The view of France being occupied by the Germans? I can think of worse views. Britain being occupied by the French for instance.

  5. I could think of many views that would compete for best view of Britain:
    Turner view of the Thames from Richmond Hill
    Looking out over the Cotswolds
    Looking over the Scottish highlands

    None of these would include a view which is 97% sea.

  6. S’amusing. Used to get exactly this view, but from the opposite direction, walking the dog on the beach*.
    I generally shuddered & tried to think of other things.

    *Wide expanses of soft golden sands.

  7. Where I grew up we had fine views of England. What a dump: all bloody mountains, with thin, rocky soil, inhabited only by damp sheep; semi-permanent gales, sleet, snow; dismal bloody place. We sat on a rich plain; fertile, treed, sunny. Good fishing too, and a proper river for swimming in.

  8. Very good dearieme. With the exception of the mountains, you’ve pretty well described Dover there. Although you have missed out the dire restaurants & extortionate parking charges.

  9. Well of course England was actually once part of France* until it broke away.

    And Scotland was part of the US* until it broke away.

    And they floated towards each other (tectonically speaking), did a bit of flirting together and decided to join up, physically at least.

    * the parts of the original intermediate big continents which have now become those countries

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