Fun point

As the financier Miles Morland put it in a recent essay, there is more investment banking expertise on the Isle of Dogs than in the whole of continental Europe put together.

7 thoughts on “Fun point”

  1. Has the Sage of Ely not written that it is better that banks be run by people without banking expertise? And did subsequent events at Co-op Bank not confirm his wisdom?

  2. Chester Draws

    The clue is in the phrase ‘investment banking’. Not so much of that in Switzerland, but there is plenty of asset management.

  3. I have to say that I am surprised – I should not choose to visit the Isle of Dogs for investment banking expertise: most of it is within easy walking distance, on a rainy day, of the Bank. Maybe the Isle of Dogs would rank top by number of investment bank employees, but expertise?!?

  4. @ DBC Reed
    The British elite is not comprised solely of Guardianistas. *I* am not innumerate. So either he is even more stupid that I thought or you are misrepresenting him.

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