Guess, go on, guess

‘Venezuelan opposition against President Maduro lacks democratic credentials’

Nope, it’s not Owen Jones. Nor Ken Livingstone, not even Corbyn.

Yes, well done, Russia Today.

6 thoughts on “Guess, go on, guess”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That false consciousness is a killer isn’t it?

    At least they are not trying to import a new popular base as the Western Left is doing. Venezuela may survive this and it will be a recognisably Western country.

    Unlike France.

  2. my tweets to Owen about his lack of writing about the glories of Venezuela don’t seem to be getting through.

  3. I’d never previously heard of RT’s interviewee Eva Golinger, but according to Wikipedia she is editor of a newspaper which is financed by the Venezuelan government.

    Rather undermines anything she has to say about the opposition, doesn’t it?

  4. Bloke in Germany in Germany for a change

    Well they’re right? Aren’t they?

    Certainly in Britain those of us on the losing side of the last vote are told we lack democratic credentials and should cease opposition.

  5. Nice try BiG.

    Labour have every right to oppose the government, despite losing the last election.

    However, if they opposed only on the basis that the Tory success was all lies and duped voters, then that would just be irritating whining.

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