Hey, maybe the SNP gets to hand out peerages?

I am going to be speaking at this event:


Transforming our land and taxation policies’

Saturday, 29th October, 10.00 am to 11.50 am

Edinburgh Independent and Radical Book Fair

10 thoughts on “Hey, maybe the SNP gets to hand out peerages?”

  1. I don’t think he’ll be boning up but I agree he’ll be an acknowledged¹ expert as soon as he delivers his first authoritative opinion on Scottish law and tax.

    1) self-belief can do this for you.

  2. Shame, at first I thought it was you TIm and I’ve have come along to shake your hand. As it’s Murphy, what should I do – throw rocks?

  3. It’s just down the road from me; I’ll likely pop in (having almost recovered from my overdose of him at the Book Festval). Not to mention the added bonus of another of my favourite people with a similar level of insight, Lesley Riddoch.

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