I think we know the answer to the first question

And you wonder why I could not work for him?

Independent central banks are about giving bankers control; they are about subscribing to the power of markets; they represent a belief in monetary and fiscal policy; they indicate a lack of faith in government. Most of all they represent a failure to believe in democracy, accountability and the duty of a politician to decide.

What John McDonnell is going to do is endorse Ed Balls and this whole approach to economic management.

I can’t, and won’t.

But this is a lesson to all those who think McDonnell is the power behind some new left wing vision for the UK: he isn’t, and he never will be.

The answer to that first question being that the pay package/peerage offer wasn’t good enough.

20 thoughts on “I think we know the answer to the first question”

  1. Also, Corbyn may be stupid, misguided and ill informed but even he can see Murphy is just a particularly odd and dense individual with nothing to add but his own ego and unjustified hauteur.

  2. “And you wonder why I could not work for him?”

    Actually it’s the other way around – the World cannot bear to work with him.

  3. “belief in monetary and fiscal policy”. The fat fool has spoken. Every time he mentions the Green New Deal or People’s QE in future, this quote should be fired back at him.

  4. Utter nonsense – and I have it on extremely good authority (from a very close acquaintance of Murphy) that he was offered equal status among about 5 ‘prominent economic thinkers’ on Mcdonnell’s team (This is according to the Corbynite view of the world before one points out the obvious non sequitur) however Murphy wanted the Alan Waltersesque ‘title’ of Chief Economic Advisor and commensurate salary.

    When this was refused he told them (candidly) where to go and has been frozen out (to a large degree) ever since. Even my contact says he hasn’t spoken to him much and they collaborated (or at least proof read) on parts of both ‘The Curajus State’ and ‘The Joi de tax’. I am thinking Arnald/Lawrence from Guernsey is in solitary or possibly dead otherwise he would question my sources nevertheless despite Murphy’s denials – that is what happened…..

  5. So he won’t work with or for anyone who supports an independent central bank?

    Excellent, that leaves him with virtually no potential employers or funders, except a few crank foundations and far-left unions. Even the EU insists on independent central banks.

  6. We can now add selective memory loss to the mental health issues displayed by the Murphmonster.

    Despite the obvious historical failures by his part-time-on-long-term-sick-leave GP wife to have referred him for mental health care when they were together, now they appear to be living separately, I think we can expect the range of Murphy’s mental health problems to expand in future.

  7. “that he was offered equal status among about 5 ‘prominent economic thinkers’ on Mcdonnell’s team”

    A position so dizzyingly above his ability you would think he would accept with a joyful and amazed heart, but of course his ludicrous and unfounded self-regard wouldn’t settle for that.

    It’s like me being offered a seat on the Board of the global financial company I work for, and rejecting it in a huff because I couldn’t believe they didn’t make me Chief Executive.

  8. I think I pointed this out before, but Murphy was never going to get a peerage from Corbyn. Jezza would have had a three decades’ worth of arse-kissers and fellow travellers who would all be angling for these sort of kick-backs, such as Shami Chakrabarti who was put to good use. Handing out favours like this to a Johnny-Come-Lately bandwagon-hopper like Murph in exchange for some garbled economics shite was never going to happen.

  9. Rob

    That is as accurate an analogy as I have seen – even more pathetic is the attempt at post hoc justification of his rejection as ‘a matter of principle’ – truly his ego know no bounds

  10. Bravefart,

    “now they appear to be living separately”

    Is that confirmed? I know he’s not mentioned her for a while, she wasn’t on the kids tour of concentration camps and isn’t on the deeds for the new house. I was waiting for the new book to see if the usual thanks were missing to be more sure.

  11. One has to consider the likelihood that one of the reasons he sabotaged his chances of getting on the Labour economics panel by demanding to be the head honcho, plus peerage, was that deep down he knew he was out of his depth. Its one thing to slap down random people on the internet (and just delete their arguments if it makes you look bad), its another to submit your ideas to scrutiny by others who can’t be made to disappear at the push of a button. This was the easy way out for his ego – demand something no-one would give, then their refusal to take him on board can be painted as evidence of their ideological unsoundness, and that they are in fact in hock to the neoliberal hegemony. Ego completely intact and in no danger of being completely destroyed by reality.

    He may be stupid, but not completely unaware of his own limitations, and takes the steps necessary to preserve his ego.

  12. Noel Scoper

    “now they appear to be living separately” Is that confirmed?

    No, it’s only my supposition based on the points you outline and the fact he has not referred to her in any recent blogs SFAIK. A real gumshoe could call the landline TRUK number and ask to speak to her although he may have a separate TRUK number of course which would make certain possible outcomes inconclusive.

  13. I’d have to echo the comments of Jim here as well – a great point

    Who can forget the famous Maugham blogpost – where Tim, amongst others, including the legendary Christie Malry (RIP) made him look like a complete dullard. With no recourse to the comments policy he was out of his depth and wrote a truly pathetic riposte in the sanctity of TRUK arguing that Tim and suchlike ‘couldn’t be allowed to contribute to the debate’.

    As Jim points out, he must surely know his lack of rigour combined with a preternaturally thin skinned approach to disagreement would not survive the rough and tumble of contemporary politics in the mainstream media, so he has concocted a post hoc justification for his absence…

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’s already blown straight through the Peter Principle ceiling simply by dint of the fact that he’s still allowed to write his amateur webzine, a minimum opus concerning matters of which he is gloriously and thoroughly ignorant. Promoting him to a position requiring actual competence would have made amusing fodder for this site, albeit in a ghoulish and voyeuristic fashion. It would have been the sort of thing one would have had to watch through one’s fingers, periodically wincing as a fresh bêtise was perpetrated.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset


    Don’t forget the time he threw a tantrum when Tim was invited on to a panel with him. I forget the subject. It was an an using episode except that Tim was disinvited.

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