I wonder, I wonder

Investors are dumping gilts because they are worried about the UK economy. Suggestions from Prime Minister Theresa May that Britain is in for a ‘hard Brexit’, along with rumours of disagreement between Chancellor Philip Hammond and the rest of the Cabinet over the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU are fuelling uncertainty.

What I wonder is how Ricthie will tell us that this proves the need for Green QE.

Everything does prove it of course. But how will rising yields be used to prove it?

3 thoughts on “I wonder, I wonder”

  1. The gnat-like buzzing of the LHTD is as irrelevant as ever.

    The troubling element of this is what passes for a brain beneath the grey-thatched dome of that stupid cow May.

    Why put an obvious traitor and “Remain” POS in as Chancellor? How stupid does someone have to be to do that? Now, a well deserved sacking will give ammo to Remainiac whine-scum on the lines of “she doesn’t know what she’s doing”. Any body with the brains of a gnat knows that the wheels will come off her “Fathcher 2” dress-up game sooner or later. One look at her foolish face should tell that.

    Even if the game plan was a sly sabotage of Brexit a clown like Hammond would be no asset. He is flagging himself up as treasonous crew right from the start and I’m sure that lots of people will be writing to tell her to can the double-dealing turd.

    Time for local Tory parties across the UK to be getting ready to de-select their Remain scum MPs.

  2. Did you see his latest post, Tim – not as big a humdinger as some of his recent output but shows that those who voted Brexit might have had some idea of what they were leaving. The fact this guy was welcomed with open arms in Brussels speaks volumes.As to Rising Yields being an issue for him. There is always a need for Green/Peoples QE. Like Champagne, in success you earn it, in failure you need it. Moar taxes for the maw of the almighty Curajus state! Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Murphy…

  3. I have not yet seen any forecast on the extent to which this will reduce the deficit in the FTSE-100 Pnsion schemes – it must be in the £billions. However – deathly hush in MEM!

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