I’m with the players here

Sparta Prague have sent two players to train with the women’s team after they told a female assistant referee to stay in the kitchen.

Lukas Vacha and Tomas Koubek were condemned by the Czech FA chairman and their club appointed them as ambassadors of the women’s team following comments they made against the assistant referee Lucie Ratajova last weekend.

Ratajova failed to notice a clear offside as Sparta lost a 3-2 lead in the 92nd minute against Zbrojovka Brno following a goal by Alois Hycka last Sunday.

After the game Vacha, the injured Sparta midfielder, tweeted the assistant referee’s photo with a caption reading “To the cooker”, while the goalkeeper Tomas Koubek told the media after the game: “In my opinion, women should stay at the stove and not officiate men’s football.”

Both players issued apologies on Monday but the Czech FA chairman,

No, they didn’t go up and shout this in her face. They whined about a bad decision after the game. And in whining about a ref making a bad decision anything is fair game.

6 thoughts on “I’m with the players here”

  1. The Pedant-General

    “One has to admire the originality of the punishment though.”

    Risk that it may not have the intended effect though…

  2. “The lineswoman is a fucking idiot and not fit to do her job” is fair game. Exactly what would be said about a similarly bad linesman.

    When you bring old-skool gender stereotypes into it.. women can’t do the job etc.. it’s different. It’s like saying a black linesman should go back to the jungle. Rightly or wrongly (you decide) you can’t go saying that stuff in public and expect not to get into bother.

    I’ve seen a fair few female officials in pro footy and they are on exactly the same spectrum of quality and consistency as the men. Players who don’t respect officials because of their gender (or race) are a problem. That seems to be the case here.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The Thought Gang – “It’s like saying a black linesman should go back to the jungle.”

    No it isn’t. There is ample evidence that women are happier in the kitchen. He was right. Women have no place in officiating at matches. They should be in the kitchen.

  4. Free game for us but these are under the control of SJW nitwits.

    Why make them ambassadors? You don’t put people in a job you want done right when they clearly don’t support it. They will screw it up just because they can. I would. Just look at what May is doing with Brexit as a real world example.

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