Is Nick Cohen really this naive?

I mean lovely chap and all but:

Theresa May lied and lied again to become PM
Nick Cohen

She told untruths to win the job and now she is doing the same to make us believe that she is acting in our interest

Err, yes, she’s a politician. You know, one of those whose pitch is “Vote for me and you’ll be farting through silk!”

I mean, really, complaining about someone’s raison d’etre is a bit naive isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Is Nick Cohen really this naive?”

  1. Err, yes, Nick’s a partisan political hack. You know, one of those whose pitch is “Vote for the politicians I support and you’ll be rid of all the liars and dirty, dirty cheats who are stopping you being as rich as all those rich people over there! No, not over here, the other side!”

    I mean, really, complaining about someone’s raison d’etre is a bit naive isn’t it?


  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It is hard to believe Nick Cohen has a side. He used to be what? A Blairite? How is the pro-War left going?

    But of course May is lying. She is a politician. She is only trying to further her career. But at this point, the system means she can only further her career by furthering our interests, or at least some of them. Democracy, better than the alternatives. At least for now.

  3. The things he praises the silly cow for ie–“her campaign against (non-existent) modern slavery” are exactly what show her to be the stupid BluLabour cow she is.

  4. Sorry, May lied when to get the job? Arguably, she’s about the most honest Conservative in the whole Brexit situation for not making the claims that either side made. And while I disagree with her, a speech highlighting the plusses and minuses shows a grown up.

    And clearly, she’s more pro-remain than Brexit. But above that, she recognises that she’s our bitch and will do as she’s fucking well told.

    And of course it was going to be Heathrow. It was always going to be fucking Heathrow. We’ve been dancing around that for decades. It has the infrastructure for getting in and out of London, the warehouses, the hotels etc etc. Gatwick’s about people going off to Magaluf.

  5. It’s quite entertaining seeing him describe her as ‘Machiavellian’ and watching his followers furious agreement, after they’ve spent the last few months dismissing the far better-documented claims against Hillary as misogynistic conspiracy theorising.

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