It was only a very little bribe…..

The CBI on Saturday arrested central council of homeopathy (CCH) president Ramjee Singh and one Harishankar Jha on charges of accepting a Rs 20 lakh bribe in return for a favourable inspection report in the setting up of a homeopathy college by RK University in Rajkot.

13 thoughts on “It was only a very little bribe…..”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Did they put a single pound in a pile of cut newspaper, and then take one of the pieces out and put in a big pile of cut newspaper, before taking one of the pieces out and paying the bribe with that?

    What were they trying to hide? The fact they were teaching something useful? That their medicine worked?

    Or perhaps they just wanted to keep Prince Charles away.

  2. what is missing and what would be mildly interesting is how the bribe came to light. Did the briber dob in the bribee?

  3. But even when every single rupee has been spent, the ‘memory’ of the rupee will be retained in the homeopathists’ bank accounts.

  4. Lakh is 100,000. Rs 20 lakh is Rs 2 million or about £25,000.

    Maybe a homeopathically smaller bribe would have been more effective.

  5. I can’t edit my comment so:

    “Lakh is 100,000. Rs 20 lakh is Rs 2 million or about £25,000” as I now see snag already pointed out.

  6. But it’s not like the standard can make any difference – it’s not going to work anyway – so why have inspections in the first place?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    What do you have to do to fail an inspection? Offer actual medicine?

    Is there any test known to mankind that would let them know the water the patients got retained the memory of anything?

  8. I wonder if he’ll receive a homeopathic prison sentence? 5 years for such a serious offense. Of which he serves 1 minute 27 seconds.

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