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Paedophile footballer Adam Johnson is still earning £5,000-a-week despite being locked up for sexually abusing a teenage fan.
Former Sunderland star Johnson was jailed for six years for engaging in sexual activity with a besotted 15-year-old.
The 28-year-old’s trial at Bradford Crown Court heard that he had kissed and sexually touched the girl in his Range Rover, in a secluded spot in County Durham.
The winger, who was capped 12 times for England, used to earn £60,000-a-week while under contract with Sunderland.
The Black Cats sacked him after he plead guilty to the child sex offences, but it has emerged that Johnson will not be strapped for cash when he is released from prison.
The Daily Star reports that thanks to shrewd property investments and high interest funds before he was convicted, the Premier League star is set to take home around £250,000-a-year without kicking a ball.

Astonishing, that someone should invest their own money.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Astonishing, that someone should invest their own money.</i.

    Astonishing that someone should be allowed to keep their own money. If he had been convicted of a drug related crime he wouldn't have been. The Mail simply wants the same illiberal laws applied to other people they do not like.

    As I keep saying, the liberal tradition in Britain is dead. The Mail is unlikely to even recognise how low they have sunk.

  2. Was reading a story on the Hawker Hunter airshow crash just yesterday which announced that the pilot (who survived) had ‘been seen driving a £40000 Porsche’.

    As if that was relevant.

  3. The Wail and Grauniad are equivalent, just with the dog whistle set to different pitches.

    And pointing this out to lefties winds them up a treat 🙂

  4. More proof that Daily Mail and Grauniad moral outrages are indistinguishable.

    Yes, both readerships are petty, small-minded tyrants.

  5. I thought he’d got the conviction overturned. Must have been somebody else.

    That was Ched Evans. The conviction was quashed as unsafe but the State isn’t happy and will have another go. I’m sure in the current hysterical climate he’ll get a fair and safe trial.

  6. “sexually touched the girl in his Range Rover, in a secluded spot in County Durham”
    Was the secluded spot in Count Durham, in the Range Rover, or in the girl?

    I think we should be told. Sloppy writing.

  7. Well it is the Mail, so it’s not exactly a departure from their traditonal line.

    Though as others have pointed out, the Graun etc aren’t any more likely to defend the concept of proportionate judicial punishment for one of their pet causes these days.

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    Eh. He broke the law and deserved punishment, but… “paedophile”?

    Is that the right word for a 20something touching a 15 year old?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    The Inimitable Steve – “Is that the right word for a 20something touching a 15 year old?”

    It is class war. Football is for oiks. On the other hand Oz magazine was a national treasure. So the fact that its editor Richard Neville f**ked a 14 year old is neither here nor there.

  10. “The Wail and Grauniad are equivalent”: not entirely. The Mail’s international coverage is infinitely superior.

  11. Fingering a 15 year old doesn’t make him a pedophile ffs – and if it does then the majority of the entire male population, and a significant minority of the female population, must be considered pedophiles as well considering what teens get up to.

  12. Considering professional footballers tend to have a working life of about ten years, they are strongly advised by their managers to invest as much as possible to provide an income for their future non-footballing career. When I was a kid the club down the road put them through college to get them trained up in a saleable trade. The only difference nowadays is their footballing career gives them money to live on in future instead of giving them a trade to live on in future.

  13. If he had been a drug dealer the chances are all his money would have been obtained through drug dealing so yes it could have been confiscated as proceeds of crime.

    I can’t see the same justification here. Unless you think that the state should be able to confiscate anyone’s estate if they commute crime. Sort of thing Murphy would advocate.

    Meanwhile, girl could always sue for damages.

  14. “Is that the right word for a 20something touching a 15 year old?”

    No. Peadophila is an attraction to pre-pubescant children.

    So he might well be a criminal, a sleaze, a perv, an abuser, or various other things… but he’s not a peado. It’s factually inaccurate and probably libellous to say that he is… but I don’t see him suing over it.

  15. He should have just changed religion and married her in another country then he would have been able to do whatever he liked.

  16. The Daily Mails use of the term peadophila in conjunction with a bloke getting off with a young girl always seems to be a mix of puritan moralizing and salivating jealousy.

    Mostly the latter, only just held in check by the former.

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The correct term is ephebophilia. Wiki has it down as sexual interest in 15 to 19 year-olds which not very long ago meant “young women”. I submit that fancying a 19 year-old does not count as abnormal under any reasonable interpretation. Whether you act on the attraction is quite another thing. As for 15 year-olds, if he’s 16 or 17 then that’s dead normal; if he’s 56 or 57 probably not quite so much. We have these bright line distinctions purely to get round the Sorites paradox problems.

  18. if he’s 16 or 17 then that’s dead normal; if he’s 56 or 57 probably not quite so much

    Or he’s a teacher.

  19. Bloke in Costa Rica;

    Bill Wyman doesn’t seem to have been hauled before a court for Mandy Smith as yet….

  20. I’m actually amazed that footballers are well enough advised these days to have built up a decent investment portfolio, they were notorious for so long for going bankrupt a few years after retirement.

    I do also like how because he is a footballer they have given the income per week.

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