Maybe he just doesn’t want to listen to any women?

Confusing the real world with the slice of reality reflected by one’s social media accounts is a mistake political reporters and partisans make every day. Algorithms and selection bias have conspired to drastically narrow the world wide web for must of us.

But for many of the tech industry’s moguls, the world reflected in their Twitter timelines is bizarrely similar to the bizarre societies they have created in their companies: very, very male.

Until Tuesday morning, for example, Elon Musk followed zero women on Twitter, Motherboard reported. (Following publication of the Motherboard story, Musk followed a new account, that of GQ magazine writer Caity Weaver.)

Fortunately in today’s PC world this is not something I can be accused of. I follow no one…..

11 thoughts on “Maybe he just doesn’t want to listen to any women?”

  1. Bloke in Wiltshire

    He mostly follows publications. The men he follows includes people like:-

    Steven Pinker
    Tim Sweeney (creator of the Unreal game engine)
    Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal)
    John Oliver (political comedian)
    Jon Favreau (director)
    John Carmack (gaming legend)

    You show me a woman in those fields that’s as big. You could maybe have Kathryn Bigelow, but that’s literally it.

    And that’s the stuff he’s into – VR, cars, science. If he was into fashion and didn’t follow Anna Wintour, that would be a serious omission. But he isn’t. He’s a giant nerd.

  2. “… in an industry notoriously averse to hiring women…”

    The tech industry would love to hire more women; that is technically competent women who can do the job, not feminist activists who want to divert the industry to suit feminist ends.

  3. It’s fun to follow Bremoaners such as Paddy Ashdown and Beardy Ed, just to correct their bizarre notions of history and economics and politics etc

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Women rarely have anything to say that men want to listen to. Our own Julia being an exception. You can see this by looking at 10 year old boys. Before their hormones kick in, they could not care less what the girls are doing.

    Then, obviously, the hormones kick in. You can’t see a woman’s knockers on Twitter. So there is no reason to follow her. Men and women simply don’t have a lot to say to each other that is not foreplay.

  5. This is news? The Guardian trawling men’s Twitter accounts and counting how many women they follow? What the actual fuck?

    These people claim to be journalists and are proud to do do. They are in fact just partisan political hacks nursing a sad delusion that they are noble and trustworthy.

  6. @SMFS

    “Women rarely have anything to say that men want to listen to.”

    Oh, come now- I know there’s a tongue in cheek there, but I’d suggest that you are missing out if you ignore women’s views on things. The women I have worked with (and indeed the one I am married to) almost always have an interesting tale on things. The contentious statement would be that their view is different because of their gender, but to suggest they have nothing to say that is of interest to a bloke is (unusually for you) cobblers.

    ” You can’t see a woman’s knockers on Twitter. ”

    Again- not true. Twitter gave us Karen Danzchuk(sp?). Might not be a great thing, but still true.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Jonathan is right: the most important metric by which engineers and scientists gauge their peers is can they fucking hack it? There may be a bit of relict chauvinism in the older generation but they’re mostly retired now. I have known some very competent female STEM professionals, especially in academia, but they were rare. The overall ratio of duffers to good ‘uns was essentially identical, but given that the absolute quantity of females was smaller, the number of really top-flight ones was even more so.

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