No, it just feels like it

Playing golf can add five years to your life, according to researchers

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It turns out that fairly moderate exercise is good for you. Who would have guessed? You don’t need to run a marathon. A twenty minute walk two or three times a week is enough to produce an improvement.

    Given golf is just a slightly longer twenty minute walk interspersed with swearing, it follows that it is bound to be good for you.

    I look forward to the health benefits of shooting grouse with a dog and a gun next.

  2. If you feel like that, Tim, why do you choose to live on a 720 hole golf course with a few towns scattered across it?

  3. If you discount the 19th hole, playing golf has a positive physical and mental benefit to your health. But then those additional five years could more likely be attributed to the fact that participants are middle class – not least those from Sweden. Anything that gets people off their fat arse and provides social engagement has a positive effect.

  4. > We have to get away from the idea golf’s only a rich man’s sport

    Then lower the fees. A single round at my local club on a weekend costs £70.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Bernie G. – “If you discount the 19th hole, playing golf has a positive physical and mental benefit to your health.”

    Why do you discount the 19th hole? Alcohol is good for your health. At least it is good for your health up to any reasonable amount you might like to drink. The best study showed health benefits from drinking all the way up to the highest category – over 60 ml. Which is about six standard drinks. A day. If you drink more than 60 ml you are healthier than if you drink none – and “more than 60 ml” obviously includes the bottle of Scotch a day crowd.

    The best thing anyone reading this blog can do, is play a few rounds of golf a week, followed by a couple of glasses of scotch afterwards. I wouldn’t say that a steak for dinner in the club house was a good idea, but frankly at this stage I wouldn’t rule it out either.

  6. SMFS. Drinking 60ml+/day is good for health.

    You’ve certainly cheered me up – sounds like I could live to become a centenarian.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Bernie G, if your Doctor is honest he would tell you that you should be consuming something of the order of 2-4 drinks a day. Assuming you are a White male over 55.

    A 23-year prospective study of 12,000 male British physicians aged 48–78, found that overall mortality was significantly lower in current drinkers compared to non-drinkers even after correction for ex-drinkers. This benefit was strongest for ischemic heart disease, but was also noted for other vascular disease and respiratory disease. Death rate amongst current drinkers was higher for ‘alcohol augmentable’ disease such as liver disease and oral cancers, but these deaths were much less common than cardiovascular and respiratory deaths. The lowest mortality rate was found for consumption of 8 to 14 ‘units’ per week. In the UK a unit is defined as 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol.[23] Higher consumption increased overall mortality rate, but not above that of non-drinkers.[24]
    This is consistent with other research that found a J-curve dependency between alcohol consumption and total mortality among middle aged and older men. While the mortality rates of ex-drinkers and heavy drinkers are significantly elevated, the all-cause mortality rates may be 15-18% lower among moderate drinkers.

    Oddly enough this may not be true if you are of South Asian origin. As, we are constantly assured, this cannot be genetic, I assume it is because of the quality of alcohol they consume. Therefore any half-decent doctor would not recommend any old (or indeed young) alcohol. But a decent Scotch. Maybe a nice Brandy. No vodka.

  8. This news is so old that the person who wrote the article probably wasn’t born when it was first established. It was part of the “fun facts” (well, relatively fun in the context of the Actuarial Tuition Course) in the 1960s.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    In slightly newer news, I have just heard Britain is lifting the ban on fracking. Anyone else heard this?

    If May has done this, I will take back everything I have ever said about her.

  10. SMFS – my wife is going to be SO pissed off when I bring some hired drilling equipment home later and start making holes in the back yard…

  11. I think the current 5 a day recommendation for portions of fruit and veg is too small for good health and am proposing to increase this to at least 7, in line with recent dietary advice.

    So, a minimum 7 Screwdrivers or Bloody Marys a day. Generous Scottish measure doubles of course plus “one for the pot” each time.

  12. SMFS

    I look forward to the health benefits of shooting grouse with a dog and a gun next.

    That would be a gun-dog then (or is it a dog-gun? 🙂 How do you load it? Shove the cartridges up its arse?

    Whatever, it’s wine-o’clock here. Chin chin.

  13. That said, saying one’s playing golf is certainly a healthier option, over here in Spain. And can make a couple of hours pass remarkably quickly

  14. @Andrew M

    £70? Whilst I am sure I could find a nearby course that does charge that much, it’s much easier to find a nearby course where I can play a round for well under half that. Playing the championship course at the Meon Valley Hotel & Country club this Saturday would be £18.

  15. Funny there’s so little reference to “Mother “Theresa on this blog today ! She seems to take a very dim view of you followers of the Divine Graduate of Chemistry who did so much to transform Britain from a place that was putting up New towns, building a motorway network and building 175,,000 council houses a year during the time of Macmillan and the post-war consensus.The whirligig of time brings in his revenges, what, what !

  16. SMFS: May is playing dress up as Thatcher 2. At heart she is in the line of Camoron— patronising, well-off, middle/upper class, cultural Marxist, migrant sucking London Bubble scum.

    She might get out of the way on fracking but Samizdata (via Guido Fawkes) has her measure correct here:

    BluLab have also sent me a re-recruitment flyer –from 35 years ago when I saw thro them–wanting me to (re)join. I’m sending the freepost envelope back with a nice little note as to my opinions.

    As Mr Scott said ” Fool me once …” etc.

  17. WTF are you on about Reedy?

    If you are going to troll here at least do it in English.

    As for you 50s nostalgia kick–your mixed economic-grill buddies ran out of other peoples cash and took to the printing press to keep their New Jerusalem going. With consequences all too familiar to we here today.

  18. Andrew C,
    That’s for a Saturday morning in southwest London, as a casual visitor (not a member’s guest). If I’m prepared to travel beyond walking distance, I can find clubs for under £25 a round; and of course membership makes it cheaper again.

    But golf is still not a particularly cheap sport. By comparison a round of five-a-side football costs less than a fiver each, in this expensive part of the country.

  19. @Andrew M

    “By comparison a round of five-a-side football costs less than a fiver each, in this expensive part of the country”

    True but how long does that hire the court for? You could spend a couple of hours on the 9 hole course for £9 at the same venue I mentioned earlier.

    I think the equivalent of 5-a-side might be a pitch & Putt course. Plenty of those around for a fiver, I’d imagine.

    And no-one tries to kick you playing golf….well, not often.

  20. DBC is right though. Before Mrs T the UK was a land of milk & honey where workers danced round maypoles after work and sat around discussing Chekov whilst string quartets played uplifting classical music. There was no such thing as want or greed. And it wasn’t 175,000 house a year we were building but 175,000 a week! Everyone had their own house and was certain to live happily ever after. Then evil Mrs T came along and it all changed.

    As told in the bumper big book of left wing fairy tales which was obviously such a large part of DBC’s formative years.

  21. ‘We have to get away from the idea golf’s only a rich man’s sport’

    Why? I rather like it this way.

  22. A large Conservative London council owns four golf courses. The difference between income and expenditure works out at around £8 per round of golf played. Theresa May’s speech recently mentioned “the state exists to provide what individual people, communities and markets cannot”. So carry on with the bungs to the leisured middle classes then Theresa, because the market cannot provide, and keep issuing those one million or so summons a year for unpaid council taxes. Filth.

  23. I was trying to remember which poster was in my neck of the woods- the fact it’s Andrew C brings me a sigh of relief.

    (You could also try Corhampton Golf Club for a round)

  24. Zeugma. TomJ, I’ve just learned a new figure of speech. Thanks. It’s a bit too subtle for me to absorb in a single try. I’ll need to think it out.

  25. BF: and you also get views to Arthur’s Seat from parts of it. And restaurants and pubs all around. Bliss, eh?

    (I should say that you used to get views to AS: God knows what somebody might have built since my day.)

  26. @Andrew C

    I get your drift but I think DBC is of an earlier vintage. My guess is that he grew reading Judge Ulrikh’s 100 Best Cases.

  27. Dearieme

    There are no new builds that obscure the views of Arthur’s Seat, although the trees in the Meadows keep getting taller, which is what increasingly cuts out the views until the gales bring some of them down.

    The major change now is that the main road through the Meadows is now a 20mph speed limit as with the whole city centre road network. The rest of the city will become 20mph overall apart from a few arterial routes in 2017.

  28. “I look forward to the health benefits of shooting grouse with a dog and a gun next.”

    Not so healthy for the grouse, though…

  29. One final word on the cost of golf. Green fees aside, I can’t recall playing a single round when money was NOT involved – and you can win or lose a fair amount of beer money playing in a four ball; and the obligatory rounds of drinks and card game in the club house don’t come cheap.

  30. Bloke in Costa Rica

    BraveFart, if you literally live a stone’s throw from a golf course you must get a lot of balls through your window, or have a very good throwing arm.

    <pendant class="grammar-nazi&quot />

  31. BICR

    To be truly accurate I am about 50m away, but uphill from it so with the roll downhill a stone throw is possible. Due to the way it is set and the fact that it’s a pitch and putt stray golf balls are not a problem. However my father overlooks the 18th green of a full golf course and gets a good crop of overshot balls in his garden.

  32. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Japan – “That would be a gun-dog then (or is it a dog-gun? How do you load it? Shove the cartridges up its arse?”

    Well no. Of course not. I just think it would be more fair if the birds got to shoot back. So every one of them is entitled to a shotgun and a pitbull.

    More sporting that way.

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