Not sure this is right you know

i am not the biggest fan of the City of London even if, paradoxically, I am a professor at its university.

The main campus is in Islington, not The City. It is thus Islington University. Which rather explains a lot about it an Ritchie actually.

16 thoughts on “Not sure this is right you know”

  1. “its university”: he’s using the the possessive, implying that the City of London Corporation owns the university. He is (of course) wrong on that point.

  2. I think if most firms in the city looked at the kind of courses on offer from ‘its’ university they would quickly disavow any affiliation……

  3. Quick Google gives it as being founded as the Northampton Institute. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

  4. He put one of his submissions on University letterhead.

    In most places I’ve worked at, you’d be in a spot of bother using the employer’s letterhead for personal things. Gives the outside world the impression the correspondence is sent on its behalf.

    Was this a personal submission, or on behalf of the University? Hard to tell, and I am sure that’s the way the Prof wants it to be.

  5. The only real link is that the Lord Mayor of London is the Chancellor. Or was until City joined the University of London last month. But it doesn’t belong to the Corporation of London.

    I guess chalk it up to another thing he’s ignorant about.

  6. Adrian

    Candidly, that letter you uncovered looks like a person in a position of tenure abusing his office.

    But Murphy is exempt in his own mind from the standards he requires from everyone else with whom he disagrees.

  7. In most places I’ve worked at, you’d be in a spot of bother using the employer’s letterhead for personal things.

    Indeed, it’s something I take a risk doing when writing references for people without going through the proper channels.

  8. @Adrian

    But he’s Professor. He got that by collecting 5 packet tops from Puffed Up Ego Pops. So he’s jolly important. The question to be asked is has City University thanked him enough for agreeing to bless them with his presence?

  9. To me it reads as a whinge.
    He calls for stuff while saying previous actions of that type were a disaster.
    They were a disaster because the premise was wrong. Egged on by him and his co-religionists regarding what must be wrong because they believed it, HMRC investigated. What a waste of money.

  10. The City supports and (I think, was true last time I looked) substantially funds the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Gresham’s College but the self-styled “City University” was merely trying to purloin status when it changed its name. It is in Islington.

  11. This gem of a comment typifies the un-self-aware muppet that is Murphy

    “I am not often inclined to agree with Chris Giles at the FT: poor old Chris has his head in the sand of dogma far too often to usually make much sense”

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