Oh Aye?

Ukip leader Diane James has quit the role after just 18 days.

Ms James said on Tuesday night that she does not “have sufficient authority, nor the full support” of Ukip MEPs and officers to reform party.

In a statement she said: “It is with great regret that I announce that I will not be formalising my recent nomination to become the new leader of the party with the Electoral Commission.

There’s a franchise and a movement out there. All it needs is a leader….

It’s as good an opportunity as anyones’ had these past 50 years, on a par with the SNP and SDP, to change the electoral landscape. Just needs someone who can ride it.

Surveying those who did run not sure the party’s got one though.

12 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. There is one candidate who who be eminently suitable.

    Don’t suppose there is any chance of recruiting him ?

  2. UKIP has a problem. Does it go towards the Front National model of nationalism and socialism? Or does it stick with its libertarian roots? The money and Nige are behind the latter, the votes are with the former.

  3. I suspect that Nigel will respond to the call and come out of retirement rather than see the party disintegrate.

  4. Ukip has two jobs, and effectively needs to split into two to acheive it. The first is to rout Labour from the North, and the second is its more traditional role of acting as a threat to sitting Tory MPs who are tempted to move to far to the centre / left. The obvious man for the first job is Paul Nuttall, and Ukip has the structures in place to achieve it.

    The second job doesn’t require something resembling a political party, so much as a right-wing version of Momentum (Languidity would be my preferred name), which is occasionally willing to stand candidates against wet Tories if they fail to toe the line. The benefit of not being a traditional party is that Tory politicians and activists would not have to leave the party to join it, meaning that Carswell could act as a figurehead without having to deal with the morons in Ukip who seem to have such an irrational loathing for him.

  5. Story was that James was attacked or threatened by some leftist a few days ago. Maybe.

    In view of the increased violence of the scum of the left people need to be ensuring that a well-developed capacity for self defence exists all round.

  6. UKIP have won and all credit to them. They need to stick around a bit longer to ensure Brexit actually happens and then they can go their separate ways proud of a job well done.

    But they’re at heart a single issue pressure group – the only thing that unites them is a firm belief that the UK is better off outside the EU. Now that’s in sight, there’s nothing to hold them together, and I doubt even the inimitable Nigel could do so.

    [I’ve always said much the same thing about the SNP. If they actually achieved their goal of an independent Scotland, they logically ought to disband – no free nation has need of its own national party (the Germans tried it and it didn’t turn out well) – but they won’t, of course, because their leaders are mostly career politicians.]

  7. Time for Tim to take the top job?

    But according to the wireless at lunchtime, Nigel is saying that he is still technically leader, because Diane James didn’t actually complete the formalities to take office before she resigned.

  8. Tim is far too good for the job. By that I mean at least slightly capable which means his efforts are far more profitable in other endeavors.

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