Oh dear Daily Mail, oh dear

Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah…..

‘Off with their heads’: Islamic extremist rapper calls for death of former Ukip leader Nigel Farage and labels the Queen a ‘w****’ in vile video
Extremist Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah simulates death of Ukip’s Farage in video
Abu-Obadiah, real name Robert Boaler, also warns ‘chat s***, get Rigby’d’
In vile rap-rant film voice over calls for the death of ‘children and babies’

Zebedee? Bit of a hint, as is Obadiah.

The Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog is a satirical British political party, led by Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah. The only election it has contested was South Thanet in the 2015 general election. It received 30 votes, the lowest of the 11 candidates.

It claims credit for undermining the credibility of Nigel Farage with a series of campaign pledges that are popularly regarded as absurd. It has been described as the weirdest party,[1] while Vice News UK described its members as “heroin-loving piss-takers.”[2] In February 2015 it bought the web address www.ukipthanet.co.uk[3] and redirected users to the Al-Zebab homepage where visitors were told to “renounce [their] white skin” and shown a YouTube video of their party political broadcast. It also claims to have scared Farage away from attending any public hustings events.

What’s that thing about journalists checking their sources?

And no, I knew nothing about this before seeing the Mail story. But just that name made me wonder and Lo! there was the Wikipedia entry.

3 thoughts on “Oh dear Daily Mail, oh dear”

  1. Undermining UKIP? On the contrary: being reminded of the threat from angry bearded nutters pushes people to vote UKIP for their own protection.

  2. Ok, but if an ironic party released a satirical song called “lynch all the coons” would people go around saying “oh well it’s only satire”.

  3. There is a remarkable C&W track entitled “Ship Them N****rs Back”
    It may be ironic. Or even satirical. Who can say?

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