Oh good grief

The favourite to become the next Ukip leader has collapsed outside the European Parliament amid reports he was punched by a colleague.

Ukip said that Steven Woolfe collapsed outside the European Parliament following a “clear the air” meeting with colleagues this morning.

However party insiders told The Telegraph that Mr Woolfe was punched by a Ukip colleague following an altercation.

The Daily Telegraph understands that Mr Woolfe is suffering from bleeding of the brain after he was punched. One witness said he fell into a window after being punched.

Nigel Farage, who was reportedly present during the altercation, said: “I deeply regret that following an altercation that took place at a meeting of MEPs this morning that Steven Woolfe subsequently collapsed and was taken to hospital. His condition is serious.”


27 thoughts on “Oh good grief”

  1. The shadow side of individualism is ego.

    Still compared to the millions murdered by socialism its small bananas.

    Given that an individual wanting to become leader has –if the rumours are correct–considered defecting to another party a very short time ago–UKIP needs a better leader than it has candidates.

  2. The whole caper is odd.

    A candidate who can’t be arsed to get his papers in on time. An elected “leader” who turns her arse on it in less than three weeks–possibly after a run in with a threatening leftist. A bloke who is exposed –if the stories are true–as having flirted with desertion. Not to mention assorted Tory entryists who tried to sabotage the party at the crucial time of referendum.

    Do I smell the stink of the security services in this mess?. The obvious retort is “Since we won the SS didn’t do a very good job” But Brexit caught all the scum by surprise. It may be they thought that Remain would win and dirty tricks would make a permanent end of UKIP so as to ensure no rematch ever. They lost the vote but the trick play out.

  3. Would it be in incredibly bad taste to wonder whether Steven Woolfe gets paid more or less than Mike Towell was going to get? Which of them was underselling his work?

  4. Gentlemen, please! If you’re going to punch each other senseless, at least let it be over something important, like football. Not bloody politics…

  5. With sympathies to the injured, but UKIP needs to recruit John Prescott as special adviser in pugilism.

  6. Allegedly Mike Hookem, the defence spokesman, threw the punches and is now on the run. Chuffing heck.

  7. The other alleged pugilist has immunity from prosecution as an MEP, I am hearing. Comedy gold. Woolfe apparently sitting up and feeling better.

  8. Time to disband maybe, now the referendum is won.

    It was going to be difficult to replace Labour in the North, while hanging on to the golf club vote down south anyway..

  9. Glad to hear it wasn’t as bad as first reported. I did have a sly giggle at this tweet.
    “Fair play to UKIP. None of this namby pamby in-party sniping or rubbish coup attempts. Actual straighteners. Mano a mano. Taps aff.”

  10. Funnily enough I was reading Tom Bower’s book about Blair this morning (Broken Vows) and I had just come to the point where he appointed John Reid to sort out the NHS (“Oh Fuck, not Health”), because he was known as a safe pair of fists.

  11. @dearieme

    You’re in good company:
    Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.
    Count Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821)

  12. “Time to disband maybe, now the referendum is won.”

    Not if they can do major damage to Labour up north.

    “It was going to be difficult to replace Labour in the North, while hanging on to the golf club vote down south anyway.”

    Both groups are concerned about immigration, so it could be done. And many traditional Labour voters in north England would never, ever, vote Tory or Limp Dick, but loathe Corbyn, metrosexuals like Millipede and feminazis like Harmoan.

    That said, without Farage, UKIP are a fractious rabble. Even when presented with a massive electoral opportunity.

  13. Do I smell the stink of the security services in this mess?

    Only in your fevered dreams at Paranoid Central. FFS.

  14. Offered as speculation Theo–not claimed as fact.

    However it seems odd that BluLab say–your own degraded gang –is full of just as many weirdos and egomen as UKIP but manage to keep their antics under wraps.

    Even that fuckwit Corbyn got his application in on time. And yet another female who folds under pressure?

    Very odd.

  15. Culture matters, Ecksy. The two big UK parties have established traditions and deep loyalties. And there’s a lot of ruin in them, unlike UKIP.

  16. Fantasy Theo–they are both filled with scum who would sell their Grannies for a sniff of power and big bucks. And –in the case of ZaNu –ever more evil ideologues who are the double-dregs of humanity.

    The ruin is in the country not the filth .

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