Presumably he didn’t get hit on?

Shepard Smith comes out as gay, says Roger Ailes was “like a father,” talks about the future of Fox News
Long thought to be gay, Smith reveals what it was like working under Ailes as a homosexual anchor

13 thoughts on “Presumably he didn’t get hit on?”

  1. There’s no natural political alliance between women and gays, despite the Left’s continued attempts to include both.

    Perverts trying to cop a feel on a packed tube train can identify women; but they can’t identify gays. Most gay men simply don’t experience the same kind of low-level harassment that women do.

  2. The homosexual anchor sounds like something from a camper-than-usual version of HMS Pinafore.

    I’m sure that BiaYacht could put us right on this but I very much doubt that an anchor -however it might self-define – would go down in harbour.

    I’d reckon you’d make fast to bollards fore and aft a bit like that Welsh girl.

  3. Andrew M–Low-level harassment for women–oh no, say it isn’t so. When we men live such lives or stress-free bliss.

    As for the news “anchors” their commitment to the practice of sodomy and angst thereby is of zero importance compared to their commitment to serve the lying scum of the left.

  4. TMB,

    Many, if not most, harbours do have areas to anchor, marked on the chartlet or almanac. If you’ve got an alongside berth you should also consider your springs, in Wales as much as anywhere.

  5. I don’t know whether to believe him or not. It looks like a resume enhancement move. His career at Fox News is stagnant, he may be trying to make himself look better to CNN.

  6. Hardly a revelation. Shep Smith is one of those guys who everyone knew was gay, but because he didn’t make a point of it, no one says anything. Like Anderson Cooper. Or going back, Kenneth Kendall.

    Or in politics, George Thomas.

  7. “Frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn.”

    To which she replies (in a line cut from the script) “I ‘ate you, Butler!”

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