Scotland Beware!

Richard Murphy says:
October 30 2016 at 4:32 pm
I suspect Edinburgh will be seeing me again

I do like the place, a lot

I thought you had enough nutters up there given the SNP and all….

17 thoughts on “Scotland Beware!”

  1. Perhaps if we could get him together with nutters from “Radical Independence” and “The Common Weal” and whatever is left of the SSP (and the left of the SNP – which is most of it, especially the Kerevan idiot), there will be a critical mass of ignorance and they’ll all disappear in a puff of suspiciously sulphurous smoke?

    We can but dream 🙂

    It’s a sad time for the country of Smith, Hume and the rest of the Enlightenment that all we seem to have to offer nowadays are leftist facist bigots …

  2. The nat ultras have reached the stage every far left group end up at. They are currently devouring each other and denouncing anyone whose faith isn’t sufficiently pure. Chief of the witchfinders is the Bath rat-fancier.

    I’m looking forward to Ritchie being denounced and cast out into the ultra nat wilderness. It’s bound to happen: he’s a fat pompous English accountant so they’ll show him no mercy.

  3. I’m looking forward to Ritchie being denounced and cast out into the ultra nat wilderness.

    If anybody thinks we viciously attack him (as opposed to either correcting him or just extracting the urine) in his blog comments, wait until he gets cybernated.

  4. He’d probably get a better house for his money up there. We need to encourage him to move and then support independence.

  5. SE

    Absolutely – Those guys would certainly execute him metaphorically speaking!

    I think the SNP are viewed in Murphy circles as the vanguard of a ‘Progressive alliance’. although as someone on here (Rob I think) pointed out, quite why they would be interested in electoral reform is beyond me under current conditions…..

  6. There’s no vacancy for Murphy up here.

    The position of batshit lunatic economist for Scotland has already been filled by the moronic George Kerevan MP (SNP).

    Typical quote from our home-grown Guy Fawkes:

    “Popular, if often incoherent, opposition to this mad, mad system has suddenly boiled over into open revolt. Not enough revolt, in my opinion, but a line has been crossed. The neoliberal order needed dismantling”

  7. Halloween tweet from Limmy: “Before you do yourself up with the pale face and sunken eyes and blood and torn clothes, please remember, Scots are a people, not a costume.”

  8. I so want Scotland to go independent and attempt to become a Venezuela-on-Tweed, we can send all the Left wing nutters up there to their spiritual home. And if they won’t go we can laugh at then for being two faced hypocrites. And in return we’ll get all the decent Scots who know socialism is a pernicious evil, but who are sadly in a small minority north of the border. We will provide a home for them until reality has knocked some sense into the Scots and the time comes for them to return and restore some political sanity to the birthplace of Adam Smith.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I would think the Demented Porridge Wogs and Spud are a natural fit, what with their shared admiration for polices that are both nationalist and socialist (someone should really come up with a PoliSci term for that.)

  10. “quite why they would be interested in electoral reform is beyond me under current conditions…..”

    They would lose half of their seats if the number of seats were awarded according to share of the Westminster vote.

    If he’d spent ten minutes researching he would have seen that.

  11. @ Rob
    Not nearly as many as half because if Westminsater was PR the SNP would stand in England and garner a lot of votes from left-wingers expelled from the Labour Party and a few Englishmen who want Scotland to be independent.
    However I agree that you are basically correct

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