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Shock! Horror!

One of England’s top rugby clubs hired a private detective to investigate extraordinary claims of debauchery during an end-of-season riverboat party.
Wasps players booked the Hurlingham floating nightclub for a cruise along the Thames, but their riotous behaviour is alleged to have left staff in tears and fearing for their safety.

Rugby players drink a bit and get boisterous.

Well now, there’s a surprise.

15 thoughts on “Shock! Horror!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Actually I was a bit surprised. I would have thought the Wasps could afford better looking strippers.

  2. There’s an ironic connection here. One of Wasps’ most famous players is, of course, Lawrence Dellaglio, whose sister was one of the victims in the Marchioness disaster.

  3. Interested,

    “What the fuck is the club doing investigating this? ”

    If I had to guess, it’s about the sponsors, those people who want all the sports people in the club to match the image of their brand.

  4. That Gavin Henson story was hilarious. Usually it takes the twat a couple of months to fall out with the rest of the team and get dropped. This time it was pre-season!

  5. I’d always presumed this was the point of rugby.

    Confirmed at the only rugby match I’ve ever attended.* Stayed for the after match booze up & having been completely mystified by the on field action, joined a group of very big geezers – representatives of both teams – heavily involved in competitive quaffing & asked “Who won?” To get the reply “Dunno mate. We’re only here for the beer”

    *Lewes versus some other team. Possibly. It was in Lewes. Probably. Memory has inexplicable fuzziness..

  6. If the boat company wants to hire out to groups of rich young men then they shouldn’t hire precious snowflakes to serve them.
    Memories the day after would be pretty vague, memories four months later…

  7. The best Bath related flooring story is Stan Collymore abusing some girl outside a chippy on a night out there, in front of Danny Grewcock (6ft 6in lock, hard even by the standards of the position), and being told to apologise. When Collymore replied in the negative Danny introduced him to a quick one-two and Collymore was picking his teeth up out of the gutter. Wondrous stuff.

  8. @Interested – version I heard included Collymore giving Grewcock a load of verbal and then punching three of the Bath squad before six of them decided to teach him a prolonged lesson. Then Collymore claimed it was a racist attack. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer wife-beater

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’m afraid my tolerance for rugger bugger hijinks has never been particularly high. Usually very tiresome. Wouldn’t dream of trying to stop them (or have them stopped, rather).

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