Slightly scraping the barrel, no?

Donald Trump faced fresh allegations of making unwelcome sexual advances, with his 11th accuser being Jessica Drake, an adult film star and director.

She also claimed that she was offered $10,000 for Mr Trump to come to her room, which she declined. She was unable to recall whether it was Mr Trump or a staff member calling on his behalf who proposed the alleged payment to her.

Mr Trump’s campaign dismissed her allegations as “totally false and ridiculous”, adding “Mr Trump does not know this person, does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her.”

Not that I wish to offer money to a porn star for a shag but it’s not exactly entirely out of possibility that she’d say yes, is it?

And this furore about “unwelcome sexual advances”… is still generally the bloke who goes ? and the woman who possibly responds ! isn’t it? Or not, as the case may be, in which case she’s just received and unwanted sexual advance, hasn’t she?

19 thoughts on “Slightly scraping the barrel, no?”

  1. Society has sucessfully taught that No means No, but the collerary to that requires teaching thet Yes requires Yes.

    Men have been told that they must never make the first move ‘cos that’s rape, but women have also been told that they must never make the first move ‘cos that’s slutty. So no wonder sexual interaction is a complete mess of confusion and accusations.

  2. If Slick Willy did this we would say 1) typical of him, 2) what a scrote.

    Apparently the married Trump doing it is just a lad.

    I’m not buying.

    And you left out the allegations of unwanted kissing. Even porn stars can’t be expected to take physical contact.

  3. “To me there’s no daylight between Trump, Jimmy Saville, Rolph Harris and several radio DJ’s”

    Men on the receiving end of a moral panic?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Julian howe – “To me there’s no daylight between Trump, Jimmy Saville, Rolph Harris and several radio DJ’s”

    I agree. No evidence of wrong doing among any of them.

    We have two different campaigns. The Clintons, no doubt, think that the women (of both genders) who support Hillary will be turned off by this. Afraid their men will stray. Trump dominates among men and I doubt many give a sh!t at this point. Even if he did it, it is hardly a hanging offense and it is probably a lie. Most men will likely reserve judgement until they see her breasts. It could even win him votes.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    This is all the Clintons/media have left, increasingly dubious sex stories that even a blind mongoloid can see are obviously politically-motivated bullshit.

    I’m actually surprised. A few months ago I was sure there must be some good dirt on Trump, but it turns out the worst you can say about him is that he’s a shagger who uses crude language in private. Shock-a-fuckle-doo!

    That would’ve sunk a generic handwringing family values Republican, but everybody already knew about Trump’s heterosexuality. It’s priced into his support.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Loodt Pretorius – “The real question is, did he, or did he not dip his cigar, like Bill Clinton did?”

    And yet again the Left was happy to defend Bill’s “anal-oral contact” while objecting to some rude words Trump said.

    I personally love the way the Clintons corrupt everyone around them. They have made Feminists defend the sexual exploitation of employees. They have made the Left condemn peace with Russia. Now they are condemning the sexual revolution and sounding like Mary Whitehouse.

  7. I wish the unwanted sexual advances that come my way came with $10,000 attached.

    They probably wouldn’t be so unwanted then.

  8. Chester and Jules:

    Jules: It is Rolf Harris NOT Rolph. Since you don’t even know enough to spell the poor sods name right I think your ideas about who is a sex crim and who isn’t don’t count for much.

    Chester: Trump can afford the best discreet courtesans the Earth has to offer. He is going have a flunky to offer ten grand to a porn queen who has had more traffic up than the Blackwall Tunnel?

    All the accusers are likely paid Clinton hacks or those seeking to restore flagging fortunes by jumping on a media manufactured circus.

    From the stuff coming out via Wikileaks emails –which the bitch and her gang aren’t even making serious attempts to deny–because they can’t–the prospect of Killery paying these women is a cert. Because she is paying every-fucking-one:

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    Ecksy – apart from the timing and the unlikelihood of Trump wanting to put his tower in a vaginal petri dish of STD’s, the other thing that rhymes false is the $10,000

    Trump’s a tightfisted Scotsman at heart. While I could believe him giving gifts and favours to a paramour, I doubt he’s ever directly paid for sex in his life. Nor would he have to. When you’re a celebrity billionaire you get your chicks for free (until the divorces).

  10. And when the divorce comes, he is suddenly deeply in debt. Until after property settlement. Then he went back to being a billionaire again.

  11. So she only got enough money to keep her in lifelong luxury that all of us can barely dream of. As opposed to enough cash to buy the Pyramids as well.

    The tragedy touches my heart. She let him put his dime in her coke machine and was rewarded only with paltry millions.

    Some times life is more than we can endure.

  12. Porn star or not, it’s seriously seedy for a man to be offering a woman money for sex – and more so when she’s not in a brothel or hanging out under a lamppost.

    And presumably Trumps intention was adulterous as well.

    The man is an absolute sleaze and the only explanation for the filth that comes out of his mouth is that he’s on coke or mentally disturbed.

    He is a real wrong’un and, for all of Hillary’s faults, at least she is unlikely to cause a war or international crisis over some personal slight.

    The image that has stuck with me most from this campaign is Seth Myers doing an impresssion of Trump as President “how do I recall those nukes. Ctrl alt delete isn’t working”.

  13. Edit to second para above – *this is assuming for the sake of argument that the allegation is true, which I take no position on”.*

  14. Some of the sand is in your gearbox chum.

    There is no evidence beyond this woman’s unsupported bullshit that any of these events ever happened outside her imagination.

    If she was so upset she has had 10 years to sue a BILLIONAIRE for cash in return for her hurt feelings. But she waits til 2 weeks before the election –as do the rest of the J’accuse girlgang.

    Seedy to offer money for sex?. So your wife pays the mortgage as well as shagging your brains out nightly then? You lucky fellow.

    And adultery too. What a monster this Trump fellow is–there can’t be more than one third(?) of all married men who have done the same. And a similar number of females. What’s that you say? There are NO female adulterers–cos femmi-marxist bullshiters told you so. Must be true then.

    “He is a real wrong’un and, for all of Hillary’s faults, at least she is unlikely to cause a war or international crisis over some personal slight.”

    Because the Donald is well in with the cockrot morons promising cyber-attacks on Russia.

    No–wait a bit. The Don is in-league with Russia isn’t that right? Killery says so–he is up Putins arse. So the Russians have hired him to start a nuclear war with them. Brilliant!! Only a genius could have come up with it.

    And to finish off you know he is a newclear danger cos you saw some leftist prick of a “comedian” impersonating Trump doing just that.

    Fuck time-dated, electronically identified Wikileak emails. What kind of evidence of wrongdoing is that compared to a fuckwit leftist comic impersonating you on tv. So the next time Mike Yarwood pretends to rob a bank while impersonating you Sandman, you’ll understand completely when Plod arrests you.

  15. So, woman who routinely gets paid for having sex in public was traumatised by offer of money for sex? Likely she had offers, maybe or maybe not one came from Trump, but she’s hardly in a position to call it anything other than business as usual.
    I note the allegation is that an offer was made, declined, and the refusal was accepted. So nothing wrong there.
    And she can’t remember whether the proposal came from Trump or one of his aids? That is so convincing.
    Perhaps if there was such a proposal it came from the aid of one of Trump’s enemies.
    Or maybe the vague report was paid for by one of Trump’s enemies. Who might that be?

  16. “Porn star or not, it’s seriously seedy for a man to be offering a woman money for sex – and more so when she’s not in a brothel or hanging out under a lamppost.”

    But paying pornstars for sex is a known thing. It’s happening all the time.

    It’s not exactly the same thing, but there’s a bit of the razor/blades model with porn. The porn isn’t really worth it any more, but they make a lot of money from escorting and personal appearances.

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