Excerpts of the speeches given in the years before her 2016 presidential campaign included some blunt and unguarded remarks to her private audiences, which collectively had paid her at least $26.1 million in speaking fees. Clinton had refused to release transcripts of the speeches, despite repeated calls to do so by her primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The excerpts were included in emails exchanged among her political staff, including Campaign Chairman John Podesta, whose email account was hacked. The WikiLeaks organisation posted what it said were thousands of Podesta’s emails. It wasn’t immediately clear who had hacked Podesta’s emails, though the breach appeared to cover years of messages, some sent as recently as last month.

Among the emails was a compilation of excerpts from Clinton’s paid speeches in 2013 and 2014. It appeared campaign staff had read all Clinton’s speeches and identified passages that could be potentially problematic for the candidate if they were to become public.

Here it’s the potential cover up that causes the problem…..

14 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well that will save a lot of time. How considerate of them.

    It won’t matter because the media will cover everything up for Hillary.

  2. Extraordinary oversight on the part of the BBC, who made no mention whatever of this on their noon news on R4. They chose to lead with Trump’s boorishness, complete with detailed commentary from disinterested parties such as Hitlary’s prospective VP.

    I expect the discrepancy will be corrected later.

  3. When it’s Trump stuffed leakednits ok, when it’s Hilary suddenly the Russians are trying to rig the election.
    i wonder what her rationale for transcripts was

    1. Ego/vanity that everything she says is important and should be preserved for history
    2. So she can keep all the lies straight
    3. To refute any claims that she said something she didn’t

    Or a mix of all 3

  4. Johnson and Weld are the two biggest turds ever to put the LP into well-deserved disgrace.

    Don’t come whining LY if Killery wins and fucks you over. And if she wins she’ll fuck you and everyone else who isn’t a BLM/CM/SJW sack of shit over.

  5. Ecks,

    Who exactly would you have me vote for?

    Since I showed up here I haven’t exactly hidden the fact I believe Trump is morally bankrupt. Stein isn’t an option to me because I want cleaner energy that works and she seems to have zero competent economic advisers. I am not a social conservative so Castle isn’t an option. McMullin only has ballot access for 84 EC representatives.

    Johnson is literally the only candidate I want to for for. If I was voting against someone it would be Trump but I can not, in good conscience, vote for Cliton just so he loses.

  6. The only one who can beat Killery is Trump. Whatever Trump’s failings he smells sweet compared to that bitch. So does Satan.

    Any other vote is for Killery and for a sea-change of leftist evil that will fuck your already-troubled country six ways from Sunday.

    Vote Trump and work for something better next time. But if you enable her then you might as well take a gun and shoot your own dick off. And put a couple of rounds through your bag for good measure.

  7. Sorry. I am not willing to consider Trump just to defeat Cliton.

    Based on what I am seeing in the news feeds it appears most Republicans are beginning to agree. Just scroll through the headlines.

  8. The news feeds that are in the tank for Kill-Bags?

    Repumps like Pork Ryan?

    If you and they are such fools you deserve all you may bring on yourselves.

  9. I am not voting for Crooked Hillary or the type of man that pays her off.

    Only a fool or an anarchist thinks that Trump will be good for the nation.

  10. Matters are down to the wire. Not voting for Trump =Kill-Bags is in. Or worse yet –were that even possible–that drooling SOS The Mark of Kaine.

    Trump at worst will do little harm despite the legion of lying leftist suppositories who acclaim him the Angel of Death. Killarys plans will expand the arseholes of ordinary–esp white–Americans like you to the horizon. A new civil war would be better than 4 years of that vile slag.

  11. What do you not understand about I do not respect Trump as a human being in any way. At most I understand his motivation but if he got hit by a bus the world would be a far better place.

    I don’t like Cliton either but my choice is to vote for her as the probably lessor of two evils or a third party candidate.

    Ask yourself if you really want me voting for the perceived lessor evil or Johnson, who I actually believe could do a good job? If you want another Cliton voter keep it up because it is people like you that tempt me to vote for her out of spite. She will win PA anyway(when Dems rig an election they do it in far more efficient ways that in-person fraud) so at most my vote is a signal to the major parties they are not winning my vote.

  12. Its your country–you fuck it up anyway you like.

    But don’t kid yourself. Your high-toned talk about what a nasty fellow Trump is worthless nonsense compared to the naked evil you contemplate supporting.

    You congratulate yourself on what a fine noble fellow you are while planning to put your x for a bitch who makes Elizabeth Bathory into small fry. The lesser of two evils? In what twisted universe would that be?

  13. Trump actually impressed me with one thing tonight. He admitted to the nation that he avoids taxes and it is commonplace. Eliminating the carried interest deduction could be a part of the solution. I would need to see a more detailed plan though.

    I still don’t like the man.

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