So here’s a question

Had a quick google and can’t immediately see anything.

Anyone have a link to something about the size of the financial sector in various countries? Particularly interested in wholesale. So, not retail banking, insurance etc, but the wholesale markets.

We know numbers like there’s more people working in The City than there are populace of Frankfurt. But I’d just love to see a proper enumeration of how its distributed.

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  1. The city of London does an annual report, collects all the tax incidence etc. Google how much tax does the city of London pay (or some such and it should turn up)

  2. BiG>

    ‘The City’ means financial services in London, not those working in the Square Mile. That’s about 700k-750k.

    Frankfurt, well, it depends what you measure. The city of Frankfurt am Main itself has a bit under 700k inhabitants – but it’s one city with Offenbach am Main, which adds another ~120k. The urban and economic area Frankfurt is at the centre of has over 5 million. You can pick whichever numbers you like to give the answer you want.

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