Man dies as Belfast motorway accident shuts M2

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  1. Off topic. Thanks to the Dyn attack yesterday I was able to visit many of the sites I normally can’t access due to their adblocking policies. Ad slingers seemed to be hit fairly hard. I didn’t realize Forbes had so many articles that are actually worth reading.

    I did come across an article(unfortunately I can’t find it now) about Google changing their policies to allow personal identification information to be sold to third parties. This lead me to try out Opera again. I am not sure that UScript is blocking the bad guys yet but it seems to work well with Forbes so far. Hopefully this isn’t just fallout from the attack and I can give Worstall articles more clicks.

  2. I think the point is, Chris, that it should read something along the lines of: Man dies in Belfast motorway accident that shuts M2.

  3. They also switch back and forth between using accident and incident. Incident is the preferred term these days, it is neutral, accident implies nobody is to blame when usually someone is.

  4. It’s not trivial, it’s utter stupidity and an appalling abuse of grammar. The sentence says that a man has died as a result of a Belfast motorway having an accident that closed the M2.

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