The Czech version of Come Dine With Me

Contestants on Come Dine With me are more used to judging each other by their culinary skills.
But it appears the Czech version of the show is somewhat more raucous than its British cousin.
Viewers were left shocked after ‘virtually blind’ contestant Zaneta Stastna flashed her breasts during a particularly action-packed episode of the show.

The bloke who runs the wine bar we go to in Usti nad Labem won that show. His wife would have been impressive in such a role, his daughter more youthfully so. But I think I would have heard by now if either of them had done that.

1 thought on “The Czech version of Come Dine With Me”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I feel sorry for this poor orphaned article. If for no other reasons than I feel Ms Stastna’s efforts require some level of appreciation. But to be sure, I think we need to inspect the offense before passing judgement.

    Anyone got any pictures?

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