This is a surprise to whom?

Proof that IVF babies can inherit father’s infertility: Tests on men born using common fertility technique find they also suffer from low sperm counts

10 thoughts on “This is a surprise to whom?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Genetics – not a friend of the Left is it?

    Well it is the Daily Mail, so not as left wing as most. Science is hard, say the Liberal Arts drop outs who go into journalism.

  2. In other news:

    Homicide victims rarely talk to police
    Study shows frequent sex enhances pregnancy chances
    Pregnant girls are vulnerable to weight gain
    Females likelier to test for women’s diseases
    Long nails not good for touch screens

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    This sort of thing makes me wonder if IVF isn’t maybe a terrible idea in the long run.

    It’s wonderful that we can help couples conceive, but often there’s good reasons why biology makes it difficult for them to have sprogs.

    Some studies suggest IVF children are more likely to be sickly. Is this perhaps a dysgenic breeding programme?

  4. “Is this perhaps a dysgenic breeding programme?” Why cavil at a little one while accepting the monster one that is the Welfare State?

  5. In IVF they routinely, AIUI take several embryos, and put back the most viable ones. When you consider the advances that are coming down the line in screening, things will “improve” further. See the Sally Philips documentary last night on Downs Syndrome children.

    Anyhow there are a number of things which could be said about this story. Firstly in how many IVF cases is the infertility of the woman which is the issue. Secondly low sperm count means fewer chances, but the sperm must be viable, otherwise the IVF wouldn’t work. This smacks more to me of the woman being older, and therefore less fertile, and with a younger woman the chances of conception would be greater. In otherwords the tendency of mothers to be older now is the problem.

    It goes without saying though the biggest pachyderm in the room, the greatest selective breeding program is Asians preferring male children.

  6. Rob Moss:

    Plenty of homicide victims talk to police–long before they’ve become homicide victims, of course.

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