This year’s Nobel count

Brits are 4 out of 7 so far. Well done lads!

22 thoughts on “This year’s Nobel count”

  1. Tim’s commenter surely have to submit a joint bid for the ignobel, in recognition of the discovery of the gluton.

  2. BiG – ah too kind… but a real Nobel for food should definitely go to the person who invents gluon free food.

  3. Had to laugh at Newsnight last night. The introduction would have led you to believe the brain drain was just an 80s thing.

    We’ve got a Conservative government with a female PM so obviously it’s Fatcher 2.0.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Seven males. Six Whites. One Japanese – although oddly he was awarded the prize for work done in Japan which is unusual. One Jew.

    So pretty much par for the course. Yet again 90% of the world’s population made no contribution to its progress.

  5. Particularly delighted to see Michael Kosterlitz win it.

    His father Hans – who was a Biologist/medical scientist rather than a Physicist like his son – is one of the most famous cases of a scientist everyone agreed deserved the Nobel Prize (for discovering Endorphins) but was passed over due to a strop between 2 American researchers over which of them deserved to be recognised alongside him and the committee wanting no part of the messy controversy.

    So finally a Kosterlitz Nobel Laureate some 30 years (and a generation) late.

  6. At least two of those four are from Scotland and so don’t really sit happily under the tagline ‘The English’

    Are ‘Nobels’ getting easier as all these Brits are getting them, is there grade inflation going on, questions are being asked.

  7. Read Alex and dearieme in conjunction and the word “braindrain” which was common in my youth jumps up in fluorescent typeface.

  8. Is it not time for the Nobel prize committee to introduce some sort of handicapping system, like in golf?

    West European white males would, so to speak, play off scratch
    West European white females off say 20
    Black African males off 40
    Black African females off 50
    Black African LBGTTs off 60
    etc etc
    all the way up to
    Afghan females and trannies etc off 99.999

    It can’t be right that we fail to take into account the obstacles in the way of those disadvantaged by colour, sex, sexual orientation, culture etc. It’s almost mediaeval living in such a discriminatory, patriarchal white man in the pub environment, just like on the golf course.

  9. john77

    Yes, that could be seen as fair although some would say that circumcising them at birth is handicap enough, much like FGM.

    Alternatively, we could just blow up the whole edifice of privilege that is the Nobel prize system with, oh, dynamite?

  10. SMFS As Richard Dawkins has pointed out, Trinity College, Cambridge, has won more Nobels than the whole of the Muslim world.

  11. @ Nautical Nick
    The latest guy is/was a Fellow of Trinity Hall (a different college) so he doesn’t add to their massive score.

  12. @ Nautical Nick
    I should have added that Trinity College is famous for its mathematicians and there is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics so it is competing under a massive handicap.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The Physics department at Imperial has more Nobel winners than the Muslim world, despite the fact that one of its Laureates actually was a Muslim. Of course he was an Ahmadi, so according to the oh-so-enlightened Pakistanis, that trumps his having formulated electroweak unification theory.

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