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At City AM:

Thomas Paine insisted George Washington was either an apostate or an imposter; Alexander Hamilton was termed “a mushroom excrescence” and “a bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar”. Roosevelt called Hoover a “fat, timid capon” and got “a chameleon on plaid” back. Honest Abe was termed a thief, braggart, perjurer and 13 other similar things by a magazine that he didn’t then burn to the ground – unlike Atlanta. And this is just the US.

Now, we’re told that Donald Trump has small hands and that Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Since both are arguably true, it’s difficult to see that politics has become nastier.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bloody hell, that article was near impossible to read on the iPad with all that clutter. I shan’t be following those links again.

  2. But the means of disseminating the nastiness is vastly greater, and the availability of means of recording past indiscretions infinitely greater. With more muck to throw, and better means of throwing it it’s no surprise that more muck is thrown.
    In addition with 40% of the population being given a degree certificate to “prove” that they are part of the elite, in large part for accepting what their teachers told them, we effectively have an overproduction of elites, which always leads to nastiness.

  3. Nastier? Today’s insults are certainly less stylish. Those early barbs had verbal dash, inventiveness and hyperbole. To say Hillary Clinton should be in jail is, well, just feeble.

  4. To say that Hillary Clinton should be in jail is the plain truth. Any ordinary person taking state documents home (and e-mails are documents) is due a year inside. There may well be more than that, but it is established that she had state documents at her home.

  5. The Guardian ran an article yesterday saying how the decline in standards of political debate in the US cannot possibly be blamed on Hillary, it is solely Trump who has taken it into the gutter. They obviously don’t remember the personal, sexist abuse that was heaped on Sarah Palin with their full backing. The Democrats started this – George Bush was unfailingly polite – and now they’re blubbering Trump is rude? Bless.

  6. Trump said pussy; we must vote for Hillary.

    Trump said pussy; Ryan abandoned him.

    Trump said pussy; his campaign is over.

  7. Short and sweet, Tim. (Although I think City AM rather overdid the shortness of that debate.)

    Christ, but the left are loathsome hypocrites, who will use every trick they can. They hurled abuse at Reagan, Bush and Palin, etc. for years, but as soon as they get anything back they cry for Mummy and start talking about standards.

  8. Another person I’ve come to dislike is that c*nt Hague, who couldn’t handle being on the losing side, and so decided to go with the flow instead. (Just like Danny Finklestein.) He’s currently in the Telegraph saying “Female equality is key to the world’s future”. What bollocks.

  9. Cal – from the article William’s view seems to be Trump’s private sexual braggadocio is a bad thing and female participation in the world is a good thing therefore conservatives shouldn’t support Trump. The only problem I would have is the therefore. The one doesn’t necessarily follow from the other … but you can see why people think basically it does. and so no it doesn’t make him a cloaca.

  10. It was bollocks, HBe. Trump makes a few unwise locker-room comments, and suddenly he’s a terrible misogynist? Who’s threatening the whole 21st century of glorious female advancement? Piss off.

    You should hear what women say about men when they think we’re not paying attention, but they don’t get labelled ‘misandrist’. (But then no women ever does, despite what she says, whereas men get labelled misogynist at the drop of a hat.)

    And “female equality is key to the world’s future”? I know it’s the headline, but please. Even if we interpret ‘female equality’ as sensibly as we can, that’s as stupid as fuck.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There is at least as much nasty stuff that Clinton has said, and I have no doubt the documentary evidence exists. It will never be given prominence. If you want a clearer example of how a biased media can out its thumb on the scale I don’t know what it would be.

  12. I’d say getting the charges reduced for a rapist (and I believe it was a child/teen involved) when you believed he was guilty and then joking about it is pretty much as low as you can go, yet there’s hardly any reference to this, even when Trump wheeled out the women before the debate she was a footnote in the BBC article

  13. Cal well I did say it doesn’t follow… but apart from that elections are decided on public perception so if the public conflate the two then the politician is running uphill. The real problem as Nate silver saus is that this issue may have been neutral or negative but it wasn’t positive to his poll numbers at a time where he had 5 weeks to make 5 points up.

  14. I didn’t say anything about poll numbers, I’m talking about Hague’s assertions about female ‘equality’, and how this cause has supposedly suffered a terrible blow just because Donald Trump said some rude things.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    The Democratic Party’s platform calls for Climate Change skeptics to be jailed I believe. The Democrats have repeatedly tried to get their political opponents jailed. The Courts have just pulled the plug on Wisconsin’s outrageous “John Doe” raids aimed at supporters of the governor. Rick Perry was arrested in a blatant piece of politicking. Scooter Libby actually went to jail.

    So f**k them and the horses they rode into town on. Obama can set the IRS, the EPA and the rest on the Tea Party? I am looking forward to SWAT raids on the ACLU and Sesame Street.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    That Wisconsin John Doe case is appalling. Dawn raids on political opponents, seizure of computes, papers etc, pulling of emails, even from out of State providers, all with no case to answer. And all this with a gag clause that meant those who were raided couldn’t even mention it publicly.

    I’ve been following it on Cato’s daily podcast and now the Supreme Court is refusing to get involved and finally killed the politically motivated investigations.

    Some quick background for those who might be interested in what can happen in the land of the free:

    “I felt completely helpless in my own home.”

    Jordahl has had a lot of helpless feelings since the coordinated John Doe raids of Oct. 3, 2013, but maybe nothing compares to watching her 15-year-old daughter, her “little girl,” sitting in her pajamas on the living room couch, crying, as a deputy told her she could tell none of her friends at school about that morning.

    It has been described as “Wisconsin’s shame,” and now that the John Doe investigation is legally dead, Wisconsin and the nation are learning more about the horrifying accounts of the political probe — from the people who lived it.

    Thanks to the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s 4-2 ruling last week, which killed the investigation launched more than five years ago, people such as Deb Jordahl finally feel safe to tell their stories.

    That’s bad news for Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, the Democrat who launched the John Doe, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz and the “nonpartisan” state Government Accountability Board that worked alongside the prosecutors in targeting and, accounts like Jordahl’s attest, intimidating dozens of conservative groups.

    Jordahl, her business partner R.J. Johnson and long-time conservative activist Eric O’Keefe shared their experiences with Wall Street Journal senior editorial writer Collin Levy in a piece published Wednesday night.

    While O’Keefe has publicly led the charge against the investigation and its prosecutors, Jordahl and Johnson are telling their stories on the record for the first time. Doing so before the Supreme Court’s ruling could have landed all three in jail, the consequence of the John Doe’s “screamingly unconstitutional” gag order.

    In fact, it seems in January 2014 Schmitz was pushing for John Doe presiding Judge Gregory Peterson to hold O’Keefe in contempt of court for disclosing the “existence of his subpoena and the fact that search warrants were executed.”

    Interview with o’Keefe here

  17. Tim Newman

    “The Democrats started this – George Bush was unfailingly polite – and now they’re blubbering Trump is rude? Bless.”

    You get the enemy you deserve…

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