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Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism – Venezuela’s Minimum Wage Rises To $65 A Month

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  1. “There’s also nothing wrong with socialism. So, the workers own the means of production”.

    There is plenty wrong with socialism, and workers owning the means of production might exist in some form for a couple of companies and it works fine (although as usual, fine compared to what?) but are not really socialist experiments.

  2. Christ Forbes must be targeting some dim people.
    Today’s quote:
    “Today prepares us for tomorrow.”
    Advice for the temporally challenged?

  3. Write about UK Uber employment ruling tim.

    Be interested to hear your thoughts on what it may mean for Uber, Uber drivers and commuters.

  4. All the Forbes QOTD are inane. They have a habit of quoting completely trivial people in an attempt to seem with it.

  5. @Rob Harris

    Depends on their reasoning. ‘Worker’ isn’t quite employee.

    One thing workers don’t have is a chance to claim for unfair dismissal so there’d be nothing to stop Uber terminating every single contract at will.

    Uber’s business model means they take a % of the fare. If they have additional costs because of this, don’t be surprised if Uber’s charge to their drivers becomes % + the additional costs.

    Of course this case has fuck all to do with making things better for Uber drivers. It’s just the GMB (which has many black cab members) protecting their own interests.

  6. BIS, further down in that Telegraph piece is this gem. It should be made a condition of passing the Knowledge to undertake not to carry Yasmin AB.

    Yasmin alibhai-brown ‎@y_alibhai

    “Last night, West Hampstead station, on my way to the Grunwick Strike event. Black cab driver doesn’t let me in:’Not taking foreigners today'”

  7. “…on my way to the Grunwick Strike event.”

    Well, I’ve heard of being late for a meeting but………..

  8. Socialism is the state owning the means of production. Through pension funds the workers own quite a large part of the means of production in capitalist states.

  9. “Well, I’ve heard of being late for a meeting but………..”

    Ha ha! Was she even in the country when that happened? Similar time, early seventies?

  10. According to Wikipedia, she moved to the UK from Uganda after graduating from Makerere University in 1972.

    It was “apres moi le deluge”: she left shortly before Idi Amin threw out the rest of Uganda’s Asians.

  11. @ Andrew K
    The flood was the result of mankind’s evil: surely Yasmin AB has not done *quite* as much evil as the whole of pre-Noah mankind?

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