Timmy elsewhere goes international

I now have, at least for the first week I’ve got, a regular column in Iran. In Farsi.


This was about how great Iran’s kidney market is. Next week’s, already filed, is about how fracking will mean no great booms in the oil price. The aim of the series is simply to be, over the series, vastly and hugely free market. One that will turn up is the reforms of Iran’s welfare system – they rightly moved from subsidising things to subsidising people.

All just really rather fun. And I do get this very strong feeling of, what, me? But then I get that with most of what I do for a living.


9 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere goes international”

  1. My Farsi is a bit weak, is this article about the ‘kidneys as food’ market or some other kind of kidney market ?

    Do you write the article in Farsi or do you write it in English and someone else translates it for you, if it is the latter how do you check that the translation carries the intended meaning ?

    If the translation is correct, how do you ensure that what you say doesn’t offend someone from a different culture, a Twatter storm in the West is a whole different ball game than a Fatwa.

    Anyway, I think you should publish the English version over here so that we can benefit from your words of wisdom.

    ‘let’s be careful out there’

  2. It’s not as though Iran is known for its literalism in general though is it. Perhaps economically they are different to socially. I don’t suppose there are many calls for quotas of women directors for instance.

  3. Tim

    You are of course a magnificent advocate of the free market; ‘free’ here meaning “freely entered into”. Given that citizens of Iran are statistically the most likely in the world to suffer the death penalty can you confirm the kidney market is a functioning ‘free’ market?

  4. My Farsi is a bit rusty but it looks like the translator has declaring your love for Iranian men and that your bottom is aching for some Arabian action, preferably with a donkey involved as well. He’s also published your address. Good luck. I’d either go on holiday, or get an industrial-sized tub of Vaseline in.

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