UN moves to the right!

António Guterres, a Socialist former prime minister of Portugal, is the unanimous choice of the 15-member United Nations Security Council to become the next leader of the organization, the ambassadors announced on Wednesday.

This one’s only a socialist which is moving right, right?

6 thoughts on “UN moves to the right!”

  1. Agree 100%z, Matthew L, Rudd is a repulsive, lying, egotistical, self-serving git.

    Guterres is a git also, a stinking, commie bastard git, but on the git league table, way below championship contender Rudd.

  2. The UN needs to be destroyed every bit as much as the EU. Our next step should be out of it and no more bullshit like Internationalist trash attempts at “treaties” looking for world-wide control of stuff like guns and vitamins/herbs -let alone trade etc.

    Time for action against the left at all levels.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    On the Leninist principle of the worse, the better I regret that Helen Clark didn’t get the job.

    I mean childless crypto-lesbians are doing such a bang up job everywhere else, Clark could do to the UN much more damage than Rudd. I wonder what Helen could have done if given half a chance.

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