Well, if you are going to date a diva……

‘It’s all over‘: James Packer ‘DUMPS’ fiancée Mariah Carey over ‘excessive spending’ as insiders claim she is keeping the $10m engagement ring

Not that non-divas turn out cheap…..

6 thoughts on “Well, if you are going to date a diva……”

  1. What he ever saw in the aging and highly unpleasant woman is the remarkable thing.

    $10 mil for a ring? Never was the phrase “more money than sense” as appropriate.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “What he ever saw in the aging and highly unpleasant woman is the remarkable thing.”

    I think we can all see what he saw in this woman. Both of them.

    I refuse to believe the ring cost $10 million. Not even a hundredth of that. It is a case where everyone benefits from inflating the price. Let’s see Mimi try to sell it.

  3. The tits are attached to the rest of her SMFS. If they were detachable they might be worth a few dollars.

    A bloke with all that cash couldn’t find a nicer-natured woman with as big –or bigger–tits?.

  4. A $10m ring contains $9.5m of diamonds, a tiny amount of precious metal to hold it together, and a margin for the designer / retailer. Looking at pictures of the ring, I can easily imagine that the diamond cost that much.

    Resale value would usually be lower, but in this instance having been previously owned by Mariah Carey might actually add value.

  5. @AndrewM
    You might be surprised at how cheap rocks are. The margins for the designer/retailer tend to be enormous. Not saying the bod actually made the thing will have got much of that.
    The value of most top end, inspirationally referred to round my neck of the woods as tomfoolery, is in the price. Veblen goods.

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