What fun, what fun, what fun

Is this man Bill Clinton’s love child? Prostitute’s son says ex-President is his father and claims Hillary ‘banished’ him
Danney Williams, 30, claims he is the biological son of former President Bill Clinton
Rumors about Danney’s paternity surfaced not long after his birth in 1985, when Clinton was still governor of Arkansas
Danney’s mother Bobbie Ann Williams, who was a prostitute, says she is certain Clinton is the father since he was her only white client at the time
In December, Danney set up a new Facebook page, reiterating his claim that he is Clinton’s son
The page also includes claims that Hillary ‘banished’ him
The Clinton campaign refused to comment on the claims

What with DNA it’s easy enough to find out these days.

Imagine the result though! This is Bill’s son, Chelsea is Web Hubbell’s daughter…….won’t that make the fight over the will fun?

Not that I believe either of course but what larks!

And given the amount of dogging around that bill is said to have done I’m really only surprised that there aren’t more such claims.

15 thoughts on “What fun, what fun, what fun”

  1. And this is why Hillary is so vehemently pro-abortion – limits the number of Bill’s inconvenient love children wandering around the place…

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Most people in the US will miss the fun, because the MSM there are determined to protect the Clintons from embarrassment and scandal.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    If Bill won’t agree to a DNA test, there is a simple solution – make Danney marry Chelsea.

    After all, there can’t be any other good reason why the two should not marry can there (pre-existing husband aside)?

  4. It is said that many present humans and huwomens have traces of Neanderthal DNA from a long while ago. Some may have more others less. Perhaps the Clinton’s could have a full scale DNA analysis to see and perhaps even to detect Denisovan as well. Must go, time to swing in the trees.

  5. I thouhjt the theory went: Bill shoots blanks, Clintons need baby to campaign with, enter Hubbel.
    We can’t have it all ways.

  6. “And given the amount of dogging around that bill is said to have done I’m really only surprised that there aren’t more such claims.”

    Or, that’s evidence this one isn’t true: the real ones, he’s paid-off and silenced.


    The version I heard, Bill was sleeping around, Hillary was asexual, it was just a marriage of convenience – and then Bill bet Hubbell that he wouldn’t/couldn’t…

  7. Ended up spitting coffee on the monitor yesterday when I saw the header on Drudge. Somehow the story makes perfect sense within the context of this particular election.
    One must choose to laugh or to cry, I’ve chosen to laugh…

  8. Say what you like about Bill, but how many other US Presidents are still entertaining us nearly two decades after leaving office? What a trooper! Although this news will be terribly distressing to some of Hillary’s biggest fans here in the UK: http://bit.ly/2a4n6Dn

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