What the hell is gluton?

In The Times:

Make the perfect delicious beef stew cobbler with gluton-free stilton cobblers

No, not one to worry our resident Times subeditor about. This is in an ad.

14 thoughts on “What the hell is gluton?”

  1. @hallowed, it’s the fundamental particle of the arse end of the universe.

    Physicists Are searching the environs of Ely for it.

  2. There is a manufacturer of bulk gluten who delivers it in tankers marked ‘gluton’ due to the illiteracy of their haulage contractor. Admittedly it is only in small letters and there only to ensure they aren’t contaminated with anything else, but incredibly annoying to the pendants in the marketing department.

  3. That is just the Americanized spelling of glutton. We had to modify the spelling to get the concept, ‘bugger off you fat fuck,’ passed the PC police.

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