Will the Tories screw Zac or not?

Zac Goldsmith quits to stand as independent MP as Boris Johnson says Heathrow expansion is ‘undeliverable’

If they stand a candidate in the blue rosette then he’s screwed, obviously.

So, will they?

If they o then obviously both lose the seat. But they get to punish rebellion nicely at the same time…..

20 thoughts on “Will the Tories screw Zac or not?”

  1. Good to see the non-Tory have a hissy fit and piss off. Completely useless waste of space.

    I hope the Tories do stand against him, twats like him are not needed in parliament. If he’d been in my constituency I wouldn’t have voted for him.

  2. I guess it depends on how strongly they feel that it’s up to the voters themselves to decide, since they are the ones that matter.

    Zac’s screwed, isn’t he?

  3. My guess he’ll get in as an independent in a by election, especially with no Tory standing.
    Come the next general election he’ll lose.

  4. Apparently they aren’t putting up a candidate – can’t be bothered to indulge his tantrum I guess – so it’s likely to be a straight fight between him and the Illiberal Undemocratic mob.

  5. No, they’re not going to. It would be a waste of time as they wouldn’t win and would be horribly embarassing. He’ll get a lot of votes from the sort of Conservative Milquetoasts in Richmond that don’t want more aircraft, and many LDs would switch to him.

  6. If they put up a rival candidate, it’ll split the Tory vote and risk handing the seat to the Lib Dems. Safer to let him run unopposed, and invite him back into the party when his tantrum is over.

  7. Why do we need more Heathrow anyway?

    According to “EU Calling” and the rest of the Remaniacs this country will soon be a howling wastleland. So who is it for?

    Unless its to ensure the RoP takeover doesn’t fall behind schedule.

  8. With a majority of 12, they’d be mad to split the vote.

    Merits (or otherwise) of the candidate not withstanding.

  9. Zac is my MP, and I live right under the flight path into the southern runway.
    The thing is that a new third runway to the north will make no difference to the area as the flight paths to/form the new runway will be further north. It’s a strange obsession from some people in the area.

    I’m expecting him to still be my MP by the end of the year as the Conservatives aren’t putting anyone else up.

  10. “He’ll get a lot of votes from the sort of Conservative Milquetoasts in Richmond that don’t want more aircraft, and many LDs would switch to him.”

    They do want more aircraft, just not near them..

  11. I’m not necessarily a Zac Gold smith fan. But he was a Eurosceptic when he careerists jumped onto Remain. And he has said from the off that he opposed it and would resign over it. So “hissy fit” and “tantrum” don’t seem to apply here.

    However, of more interest, see Ritchie and other lefties insist Labour should sit it out and leave it to the Libdems.
    Why? To beat the Tories.
    What is Labour’s opinion on the third runway? Doesn’t appear to have an opinion on it frankly.

  12. Tories not putting anyone up, and so to that extent they are indulging the non-entity. He is standing as an indy but I should think would have tacit support from local assoc.

    The ghastly Lib Dems must be in with a shout here, though, and they will try to make it referendum on the referendum: Richmond was 69/31 for Remain but Zac was a Leaver.

    Anyway, it’s a sideshow with both contestants facing the wrong way. Zac is a dud and was an embarrassment in the mayoralty.

  13. I have read elsewhere that his consituency party is backing him – so he should stand as a Conservative, or at least a “Richmond Consrvative”. The Party cannot nominate an official candidate to stand against him without the consent of the constituency party.

  14. If they’d stood a candidate, it would have split the tories in west London, many of whom would leave and rally around Zac. This would damage Tory prospects beyond Richmond.

    Zac may even have followed his fathers example and set up a new competing party to take away Tory votes.

    They could also have had the embarrassment of the Tory vote collapsing if voters stuck with Zac, who has built up an impressive majority.

  15. By opposing the runway he will build himself a ‘base’ that will last for years or even decades.

    That’s how it works. My Dad’s late friend organised local opposition to an opencast, built himself a ‘base’ and was then elected as an independent Councillor.

    Gave him something to do in his retirement and ‘expenses’.

  16. Politician makes a promise keeps it. Ok by me. Not bound by collective responsibility didn’t have to but his choice. Selecting those with independent means who are too dim or unambitious to aspire to higher office means you are going to get this from time to time, There’s not much you can do to whip them. Not opposing sounds like the right option… drop him for the remainder of this parliament… if he wants to return to the fold before the next GE let him otherwise roll up the next one.

  17. I have zero sympathy for all the anti-Heathrow expansion. If one chooses to live near an airport, then accept any and all negatives – including airport & flight number increases, or move elsewhere.

    I lived in Feltham & Heston and tbh the noise didn’t bother me, one becomes used to it. The only exceptions being Concorde and 747s both of which were louder and distinctive, however other than recognising their noise it was not a problem.

    Concorde (sadly) is no longer flying and newer 747s are quieter.

    MSM give far to much time to the complainers and very little to the local majority who are in favour of Heathrow runway 3.

    imho Gov’t should stop interfering and allow all airports to build new runways if they can persuade locals to accept it.

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