Actually, a good enough joke

How You Can’t Always Get What You Want became Donald Trump’s bizarre theme song
The Rolling Stones asked Trump to stop using their song but he ignored them – and he’s not the first Republican to defy artists’ objections

These follow a certain format, these pieces in The Guardian. Nice final line today:

I would so pay to watch something like that right now. Well, you can’t always get what you want.

Do say: “But if you try sometimes, you just might find … oh God, this is a nightmare.”

Don’t say: “I groped her today at the reception.”

Rerecording that with ISteve type lyrics could well become something of a hit really. Why not, Weird Al has had a number 1 recently hasn’t he?

7 thoughts on “Actually, a good enough joke”

  1. I watched it live on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. At first I thought what a curious choice of music. Then the lyrics seeped into my mind and I thought Genius, pure Genius.

  2. One of the merriest aspects of the whole fandango was watching the Clintons complain about somebody else’s sexual mores. Or non-sexual, if one were to follow Slick Willie’s logic.

  3. Do you need the artist’s permission to play their music? Surely they give their permission by you handing over money to buy the record. And in a Public Performance License-type juristiction, as long as you hand over money to the License collectors you can play it publically as much as you want. If an artist doesn’t want their work to be publically available, they shouldn’t make it publically available.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yeah, jgh, as long as you pay the license holder, the person who recorded the song doesn’t get a look in, unless they are one and the same, which they almost never are. I think more rightwing pols should use Billy Bragg songs just to wind the cunt up.

  5. Interesting that it is OK to enforce provision of service to anyone who wants if the Rolling Stones were running a B&B, but not if they are selling songs.

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