Actually rather amusing

Scurvy cases reported in Australia reveal modern diet failings

It’s not poverty, the expense of fresh food or anything. Not even that people aren’t eating enough veg in most cases.

It’s that old English thing of boiling veg to mush that is…..

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  1. You can understand how Aussies would be even more reluctant to approach the fruit and veg aisle, though. Over here, we just have to worry about imported poisonous spiders!

  2. “It’s that old English thing of boiling veg to mush that is…..”

    Bit unfair, isn’t it? You ever eaten in Jockistan? Or Paddyland?

  3. You think that’s bad? As a teenager, my sister used to enjoy deep fried pizza as a Saturday night delicacy…..

  4. Steam, lads, steam if you want your veggies to retain taste and goodness. Get the moment right though.

    Stir-fry fast in wok with soya (or other sauce) for extra yumminess. (that’s my faux-cockney side)

    Boil? Hmm Broccoli in 1cm of water with the lid on. Retains its crunchiness, goes startlingly green and tastes like …. broccoli!

    Any parent whose kids get scurvy does not deserve to have kids.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    It won’t be that they are boiling them to death. It is that they aren’t eating them at all. Fish and chips doesn’t come with a salad.

    I would be surprise if much the same wasn’t true of the English underclass. God knows about Glasgow.

  6. The commonest demographic for scurvy in the UK is little old ladies who live on tea and toast, usually on their own. Shopping for fresh fruit and veg is a pain when you’re elderly.

  7. Just out of idle curiosity, can little old ladies get free vitamins on the nhs? Isn’t that what it’s for, preventative medicine? Also google informs me that even sunny delight has vitamin c in it, so you don’t even have to come into contact with an actual fruit to stay healthy.

  8. Most vitamins you pee out if you take too much, so the only disbenefit of topping up with vitamin tablets is paying for fortified urine. One orange gives you one day’s DRA of vitamin C, as does 1.5 glasses of S****y D*****t.

  9. There are plenty of options to get your vitamin C with a non veggie diet – a few Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers, not to mention Margaritas, a day should sort you out

  10. Easy to mock the old.
    Wait till you get there – in pain , arthritic, poor or no teeth. Try eating well then.
    Or even try eating at all
    BTW sunshine if available gets you vitamin D NOT vitamin C etc.

  11. it’s actually quite a feat to get scurvy these days. A small glass of orange juice will give you a day’s worth.

  12. BTW sunshine if available gets you vitamin D NOT vitamin C etc.

    That’s the error (what you say is correct but irrelevant to the discussion of “Sunny Delight”) of a man in blissful ignorance, which I hesitate to ruin.

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