An interesting demand

PM May should ‘beg forgiveness’ for UK’s colonial sins: Indian MP

That’s from Press TV.

How interesting that the Iranian state broadcaster should be concentrating upon the British colonial experience there and not the one immediately preceding, the heavily Persian influenced Mughal Empire.

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  1. How many Hindu, Buddhists, Jains did the Raj kill? thousands perhaps.
    How many Hindu, Buddhists, Jains did the Mughal kill? Tens of millions.

  2. Is the Indian MP going to apologize for the sins his government has inflicted on the Indians?

    I mean, there really can’t be any excuses *there*, can there? Ignorance, they’re foreigners-and-not-real-people, etc.

    Mote, beam, etc.

  3. The hyderabad massacres in 1948 killed 27 to 40 thousand people (some estimates are much higher). The Indian government has much to answer for, this wasn’t the action of one man making a split second decsion this was policy.

  4. Didn’t realise Britain had colonised India. Part of what was India is currently colonising the UK. But I’m sure that’s not what they’re talking about.
    Administered – or if you prefer ruled – but hardly colonised. Wasn’t that rather the point? A whole sub-continent ruled by a few thousand Brits.

  5. To be technical, British rule was only direct over certain parts of the sub-continent. There were quite a number, some large, domains which continued to be ruled by their Princes, who were in allegiance to the King or Queen Emperor.

  6. By India, does he mean that collection of perpetually feuding fiefdoms, kingdoms, and statelets that the British united to form the country of India of which Indians are no so proud?

  7. ..and the commentary over there seems even more, umm, deplorable than even the typical swivel-eyed idiot commentards one finds across the inter tubes.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    We actually did make the trains run on time. Then there’s the whole Common Law, Parliamentary Democracy thing which means India has a fighting chance whereas Islamicised Pakistan is a disgusting fucking hellhole.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    I agree we should beg forgiveness. We should ask the Indian people to forgive us for leaving and handing them over to the pro-Soviet kleptocrats in the Indian National Congress.

    India was never better off than in the 70 years before independence.

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