I’d like to think that our government has a plan for what it’s doing.

But I know it hasn’t.

I’d like to think that in their uncertainty they will ask for expert help.

But I know they won’t.

They’ve still not offered me a peerage, a sinecure or a job.


30 thoughts on “Bastards!”

  1. I’d like to think that in their uncertainty they will ask for expert help.

    Lol. Is he seriously putting himself forward? Lol again.

  2. Well, if you really, really wanted to f**k up Brexit he’d be a shoo-in for your negotiating team. Although, come to think of it, if you did so you’d have the other 28 EU states implementing Article 50 on your behalf within a week.of commencing the preliminaries.

  3. There are dead insects lying at the bottom of ponds who have a better chance of getting a gig from the current government.

  4. TMB

    Obviously, the Murphatollah is angling for compliments when he writes these pieces. Whether he’s a sycophant or a mocker, Paul Potts is feeding the Murphatollah’s ravenous ego. All very amusing to watch.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Paul Potts”

    Hmmm, I haven’t been there to have a full read but methinks this could be another wind-up nom de guerre from here.

    And I just love the way he *knows* they don’t have a plan.

  6. So he burned his Labour bridges…. now he’s angling for a non labour job?
    Preferrably something with a fancy title and utilising his expertise in the area of tax?
    Head of Brexit international tax wallah!

  7. “And I just love the way he *knows* they don’t have a plan.”

    The delusion of omniscience is the Murphatollah’s trademark. He is always right, even when an expert explains to him that he’s wrong. Which is why he can’t work with anyone for long.

  8. Theo: Whether he’s a sycophant or a mocker, Paul Potts…

    … without fear or favour and who can speak truth to power.

    …someone who doesn’t just trot out the tired old hackneyed clichés.

    My close textual analyis is tending towards one of your options!

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It is good to know Murphy is poised, ready to spring into action should the nation, in extremis, need a paladin. Shades of King Arthur. It calls for a heroic poem.

    The King Under the Mountain

    ‘Neath Ely’s Fenland hill a chamber lies
    And bathed in lambent light a marble throne
    Whence Spud constant directs his watchful eyes
    Aloof and sombre in his shed of stone

    Full many years his counsel hath he kept
    And modestly refrained from speaking out
    While English yeomen groaned, and bled, and wept
    As Tories—cruel, austere—applied the knout

    But if at last the brazen trump rings out
    As England grovels to the Brexit mob
    Then Murphy angry striding forth shall shout
    With thund’rous voice and mien: “Gizza job!”

  10. TMB
    Granted, the balance of probabilities tilts in one direction; but one can never be certain, because the Murphatollah’s brown-nosing acolytes are themselves so lacking in self awareness. Either way, such fun!

  11. Somebody should tell him that

    “I’d like to think that in their uncertainty they will ask for expert help.”

    is not the same thing as

    “I’d like to think that in their uncertainty they will ask me for expert help.”

    Even if you’re willing to concede RM as an expert that the government has not asked for help, that does not mean that the government has not asked for ‘expert’ help.

    They’ve just asked different experts.

    And his whinging about it is really unbecoming of a man his age.

  12. I loved Ritchie’s blog….

    The Joy of The Author
    Posted on November 4 2016

    I can’t think of an author on earth who wouldn’t enjoy a Twitter review like this

    So who is this reviewer that so touched Ritchie’s heart and got him excited?

    From her twatter profile:

    Steph Godderidge

    Climate justice – social justice – innovation – smart cities. Outreach & advocacy. Dancer – singer – storyteller – EU citizen.

    Once day he’ll realise that no actual sane policy person is listening, when even Corbyn and McDonnell think your policies are batshit crazy.

    Oh, my mistake, he’s got a video on the “The Memo”…


    No, actually, as you were, nobody important is listening, just get your mates to try and make you relevant again.

    By Alex Wood
    Alex Wood is Editor in Chief of The Memo. He is also a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, CNN, CNBC and is a visiting lecturer at City University London.

    Ritchie’s word of 2017 will be “obscurity”.

    Meanwhile, Pilgrim Slight Return (PSR) makes going on Ritchie’s blog to take the piss redundant. As with Murphy Richards, when reality eclipses the parody (I was the only one previously to stroke Ritchie’s ego that he should get a Nobel Prize for Economics before PSR last week) it’s time to give up.

  13. WTF, just re-read the video page having missed this before:

    “Richard Murphy, one of the world’s leading experts in international political economy”

    “Tax expert” was pushing it, “economist” was taking the piss, but this, I mean, really?

  14. Apart from the rather obvious Paul Potts, there is also a piss take from Peter Hook on that blog that has eluded the onanist Murphy.

  15. Noel:… going on Ritchie’s blog to take the piss [is] redundant.

    It’s certainly getting harder and the problem is that one can carefully craft and hone a contribution only to end up with something that seems entirely conventional in context.

    I don’t spend enough time there to know the regulars and the claque of brown-nosing acolytes. Who is Peter Hook?

    I like his punctuation in this contribution:

    And this might finally det’ermine’ the recognition you so deserve.

  16. TMB

    Peter Hook was the bassist for New Order. Haven’t been on TRUK as life too busy in the past week or so. Need to get back into it…. I mean it really is getting to the stage where you can’t satirise this. That said, in the Brexit era maybe the government should be at the forefront of looking for New Markets as yet untapped and within the main state run along lines advocated in the ‘Curajus State’ external contacts are minimal. Perhaps Murphy could be sent in to Pyongyang as a special advisor?

  17. Peter Hook was also the bassist for Joy Division.
    Singer : Ian Curtis.
    Drummer Stephen Morris.

    And amongst their popular ditties were:

    She’s lost Control
    New Dawn Fades
    In a Lonely Place
    The Only Mistake
    Leaders of Men
    These Days

    I believe the popular beat combo New Order had a hit with True Faith, and an album titles Power Corruption and Lies

    It appears our Professor is not a fan of early 80’s Manc miserablism

  18. V_P / Worzel

    Thanks for the info – is this bass player likely to post chez the prof or does he rely in one you learned folk to do so on his behalf perhaps?

  19. I’ve just been to have another peek and, indeed, Joy (of Tax?) Division appear to have made useful contributions since I was last there.

    Sadly, though, Paul Potts’ contribution has been erased.

    Je suis Paul.

  20. I know VP in particular will be disappointed that Murphy’s next book will not be published in time for Santa to deliver it this year.

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