Behold the power of this blog – Fuck Fifa

Yesterday on this blog:

This is easy – Fuck Fifa

Re not allowing poppies on shirts at the England Scotland game.

No, really, Fuck Fifa and their horse. It might even be a political symbol and it’s still Fuck Fifa.


England and Scotland players to wear poppies on black armbands as FA and Scottish FA defy Fifa ban

Quite. Fuck Fifa.

So, having demonstrated the awesome power of this blog where’s the grant from some Quaker charity and the peerage? That’s how it works isn’t it? Launch an idea, insist that anything and everything proves that you thought of it first and claim victory?

12 thoughts on “Behold the power of this blog – Fuck Fifa”

  1. And this morning, I read that Weatherspoons may stop selling EU beer because of the ‘bullying’ from the EU.

    Truly, Brexit is putting the ‘Great’ back in Britain!

  2. Well, that’s taking the piss. I’d much rather have a pint of Peroni or Heineken at the airport than Carling. At least there’s the option of Schiehallion at Edinburgh or St Mungo at Glasgow.

  3. Hubris, Mr Worstall, hubris. May I also point out that you are sailing very close to the wind with regard to Apple, since your blog has rounded corners and they are bound to sue you once they find out.

  4. There is no such thing as EU beer.

    There are good quality beers made in nations that the CM scum of the EU claim dominion over.

    These EU claims should be held as lightly and with an equal degree of contempt as we once held to Nazi claims to the overlordship of ancient European nations.

    If needs be we should set up thriving smuggling networks with neither party to the trade paying a penny in tax or tariff to either the scum of the EU or our own Remain-lite traitors.

  5. Dear Tim,

    your Peerage is being processed, please select your title and return it with a cheque for £25000 to me to cover admin costs.

    Best Regards
    Prince Nakowiga

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